Update on the site

Hey this is Sam. Wanted to give you guys an update on the site to explain the downtime and the slow updates.

So last week the domain experied due to some issues with a credit card so we had to reactivate it again. Unfortunately that took quite more time than i expected.

Also this week Im attending some conferences outside the country so I wont be able to update. I wanna give my awesome friend Stephen a shoutout for helping me with some of the news.

It seems the site wanted a little break from me lol. But i will be back full force next week.

Sorry about this inconvenience

p.s: I couldnt be more excited about the latest news. The new album and solo tour are right around the corner you guys. Super stocked about it. How thrilled are you with these awesome news?

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Amanda Says:

Hi, I’m happy for the site to be back .. I was worried ..

Congratulations for the work and continue to inform us about JT forever.

Love Justin and Jessica ..


Alice Says:

Hi,i am brazilian and i love the site
thank you

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May 8, 2013