Update on the 20/20 Tour


It seems like JT is adding a second leg for the 20/20 tour in Europe. He just added a new date for Poland scheduled for August 19, right after his last LA date in the USA. Does this mean he is expanding the tour even more and that there’s hope for plenty of other regions to experience the show, like Central America for example. We can only hope ;)

Also sad news. JT is no longer performing Strawberry Bubblegum and True Blood on tour. No explanations are given as to why he axed these songs but these were one of my favorites from the show, specially Strawberry. R.I.P

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Bt Says:

Whaaa?! How do we know no more strawberry bubblegum?! Sad

George Says:

I am gutted about Strawberry. My favourite song off the first album for sure, if not both. Was so looking forward to hearing it live in London. Hopefully he puts it back in before then!

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February 19, 2014