Send a special message for JT’s 33th birthday

I wanted to organize a lil something for JT’s 33th birthday (Jan 31) and as always I need you guys to help me out with this.

You can help by doing the following:

  • Make a collage/artwork congratulating JT for his 33th birthday.
  • Make a video on youtube (45 secs maximum) with a special message for his birthday. You can also use instagram video (but that only lets you do 15 seconds I think)

Send everything to and I will make sure to share all your bday wishes on January 31!

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alice Says:

do many accounts on twitter use tweetdeck(go to complements on google chrome search tweetdeck and sing up with one account go in settings add accounts and add all accounts and you will tweet in all accounts at same time and use these accounts to vote for JT at shorty awards is one accounts for vote (you can vote for JT in many categories like singer,actor,celebrity,music,comedian,……) please JT fansite make a post about this thanks i love the site)

we want to put a tag on tts worlwide for JT in 00:00 hours of 31 st january use #HappyBirthdayJustinTimberlake

Tia B. Says:

Happy Happy 33rd Birthday Justin From Tia B.

Megan Story Says:

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Justin . Happy birthday to you. Love you. Pusher Girl.

Andrea Says:

Happy Belated B-day JT!…couldn’t sleep last night and got creative in response to your apology to your Buffalo fans on Jimmy Fallon.

P-A-R-T-Y Up in B-Lo
Ode to JT from Buffalo Gals
Rapped to whatever tune you please!

We heard the postponement and wanted to pout
But instead here we are, reachin out.
Forgive you we must, for the fact is this,
Even pop stars get sick…it wasn’t a dis.
So we hope you’ve got, all the sickness out,
For July 9th we’re ready to get up and shout.

Let me hear you say P-A-R-T-Y up in B-Lo.
P-A-R-T-Y up in the B-Lo

So digress we will to introduce ourselves.
We’rrrrrrrrrrrrre Katie, Janelle and Renee,
Oh wait, there’s even more you say?
Yeah…Andie, Jackie, Molly, Krissy and Carrie,
With 17 kids between us, now that is scary.
4 teachers, 3 doctors, a clerk, and super mom
We work and play hard, yes we are the bomb.

Childhood friends from Wheatfield a town of corn and cows,
but some years have gone by and we’re all grown up now.
And although this may- sound like we’re country bumpkins,
We like to have fun and we’ll get your party jumpin.

So this 20/20 experience started with a massive group text,
And when asked about JT the answer was a unanimous YES!!
So we booked all the sitters and made a tight tight plan,
This night would be epic, we just know it man.
Out of hibernation, to the noseblleeds we’d go
But we didn’t care, we knew we’d love the show.

Yeah…P-A-R-T-Y up in B-Lo
P-A-R-T-Y up in B- Lo

So a few eves before the big night we gathered,
The room was filled with an excited chatter.
When what’s this…..a text from mom?
The show is postponed? That’s got to be wrong?
But sure enough the texts kept pourin in
And it was confirmed, the room felt grim.
A curse, a tear, and even a shout,
You are loved JT no doubt, NO DOUBT.
So patient we will be and wait till July,
When hopefully they’ll be some sun in the sky.

Let me hear you say P-A-R-T-Y up in B-Lo
P-A-R-T-Y up in B-Lo

5 months will go by, but there’s one hiccup you see
Our friend Janelle….nine- months prego she’ll be.
She’ll find herself in the delivery room,
Cuz baby number 2 is comin soon.
So sadly she turned her ticket over to Kristen
And while we’re excited to have her, still Janelle we’ll be missin.

So our calendars are marked and we’ve made a new plan,
Hell… maybe we’ll even get a tan.
So baby put on your suit and tie
And we will show you a few things no lie,
We’ll show you how we party!

P-A-R-T-Y up in B-Lo

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January 10, 2014