Robin Thicke is pressed about JT


Lmao, Robin Thicke is so pressed and jealous of Justin.

The “King of all things soul” thinks he is the maximum authority in the genre, so when JT decides to explore his soulful side a little deeper, Thicke has to jump right in and talk rubbish!

First of all JT has had souful influences that date all the way back from Nsync (I’ll be good for you) and has continued to play with soul elements in his music ever since, Damn Girl being an example.

The 20/20 experience is clearly Justin’s most soulful inspired album, and I find it hilarious Thicke can’t admit it. JT was even part of the White house tribute of Memphis SOUL music, where he got the chance to perform with soul legends and explain where his influences come from, so Thicke can shut it! He seems afraid JT will steal his swag or something, which is clearly not the case.

Justin is not even trying to be the next soulful sensation anyways. He experiments with a plethora of different genres when it comes to his music. He does (AND is definitely NOT limited to) pop, r&b, retro, dance, urban, etc, etc.

Not to mention Justin DOES take part in the writing and producing of his music as opposed to what Mr. Thicke wants to suggest!!

Gotta give it up to the interviewer for not having any of that nonsense Robin was talking about. Took him 5 albums to have a #1 hit and all of a sudden he thinks he is the mother of Tarzan. Take a couple of seats dude!

The shade starts at the 6:00 mark:

4 Responses

Jay Says:

Smh this isnt even a big deal. Let the man be great and stop downing him. He’s #1 on the hot 100 and JT is 2x platinum. Let’s just keep it at that.

IJ Says:

I pass.

Leila Says:

Oh, he’s just jealous.

It’s a fact that JT can turn anything into gold and though I also like RT, he will never be as big & influential as JT. The whole thing is blown out of porportion and doesn’t really deserve that much attention to begin with.

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June 17, 2013