Rob Knox talks JT & Biel

Damn, its that time of the year when news are super slow again. But I’m working behind the scenes on some exciting stuff!!!

Justin has been laying low, enjoying some quality time with Biel in Montana.

Speaking of the Timberlakes, JT’s long time friend and producer, Rob Knox, recently shared a cute & hilarious throwback picture and talked a bit about both on Check it out:


Q: Did you have a feeling Jessica was it for JT

Rob: yeah.. you could see it in them.

Q: What’s Jessica Biel like??

Rob: One of the kindest, most down to earth person I know.. and funny as hell

Q: How do you feel about the people who are crying because JT hasn’t had an album for 6 years? Im not. The longer the wait the better.

Rob: I understand. He’s amazing and music needs him I think. So I get it. But patience is key. He takes his time do anything because only he knows when he’s ready.

Q: Don’t tell jt this, but if it wasn’t for Brit doing what she did, you probably wouldn’t be working with him now!

Rob: lolol.. ok. not sure how that plays out but I thank her if that’s the case

Q: where u in justin’s marriage?

Rob: I was at the wedding, yes..

Q: Where you with JT when he did Justified? Because I saw that they released footage of them recording in the studio. And didn’t for FutureSex!

Rob: I wasn’t even making music when ‘Justified’ was made. I was still in college playing football. Crazy right?

Q: one person who makes u laugh the most I have a few people.

Rob: My cousin John, Justin, my manager Andre and my brothers.

Q: Well I would think hanging with JT, he would of taught you a few singing chords.

Rob: lol loool. Only God could help me become a singer.

Q: What was the craziest studio session?‎

Rob: Samantha Not sure what the craziest is. Well maybe when Justin and I did “dead and gone” for T.I. That was a very surreal moment when we finished the song.

Q: ROB :3 You’re like very amazing and I love you. What was your favorite artist to work with. -RobKnoxTeamNYC

Rob: So many but the ones I have the most fun w/ making music and hanging would of course be Justin, Joe Jonas and Nick Hagalin..

Q: i love justin timberlake can u get me a date with him? maybe? hahha

Rob: Depends. You have money for me? lol

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December 29, 2012