Oscar Isaac talks jamming with Justin


After 10 Years, you have the Coen brothers movie coming out, Inside Llewyn Davis.
Yeah, I am thrilled about it. I think it is an incredible movie. It’s one of the most personal and intimate movies. I’m really excited about everything that is going on around it, as far as the music side of it—the performances, the soundtrack release, and all of those aspects.

Did you get to write some of your own music for that as well?
No, it takes place in the ’60s, and it’s all focused on all old folk songs that have been passed down for years and years and years, so there actually aren’t any new songs in there.

On set, did you ever jam with Justin Timberlake?
Definitely! We got to go to the studio beforehand with Justin Timberlake and Marcus Mumford, who were a big part of the recording of the music, and we got to jam and play a whole lot. It was just heaven.

What was that collaboration like?
I couldn’t have dreamed of a better scenario with Justin and Marcus. Also, the Coens are incredibly collaborative and incredibly excited to impart their story and what they have learned throughout the years. They would tell me about a performer I should look into or a movie that they really like, and it was really inspirational.

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December 26, 2012