Legends of the summer tour rehearsals begin!


Slow news days are slow….but this again, is just the calm before the storm!

We have the “Legends of the Summer” stadium tour coming up in less than a month, 20/20 part 2, Runner Runner (poster out soon), etc. So there’s plenty of stuff to look forward to in the next few months.

Preparations for the tour are well underway and oficially began last week in New York!

Several dancers and members of the Tennesse kids have been posting hints and pictures of the rehearsals for the show! However, there’s no word if Justin has been rehearsing with them but I suppose we can assume he is!

JT will be giving a concert in Ireland next month (July 10) and will be headlining the Wireless festival in the UK along with Jay-Z, so we should be getting a taste of the tour by then!

Also its interesting to note that Jay-Z will be releasing a new album July 4, just in time for the tour. You might remember JT said they recorded plenty of stuff together and that some of it may end on Hova’s album. So I think there’s a good chance we will end up getting new music sooner than we think!

You guys excited for whats to come? Who is going to the tour? What songs do you want performed? Sound off on the comments and/or Timberbiel!

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June 18, 2013