Justin Timberlake talks Tiger Woods

Justin Timberlake, who says he has a six handicap in golf although he’s been busy acting in the new movies Bad Teacher and Friends with Benefits, says about Tiger Woods: “As far as the mental aspect, I can’t imagine the pressure he’s under.”

On Woods, Timberlake says he’s “one of the greatest golfers of all time. I’m sure he’s getting advice from all angles. You can hit plateaus in golf. … I’ve hit those plateaus in my profession, where you have to find something else to conquer.”

Timberlake, who hosts a pro golf event, has played St. Andrew’s and Augusta National, and says he’s gotten his handicap down to as low as two in recent years. He’s now hyping a Callaway essay contest via Facebook in which the winner gets the play the Tennessee golf course he owns with his stepfather. “I fell in love with the game seven years ago. It’s quiet and slow, the antithesis of what I do as an entertainer — it’s not loud and seat-of-the-pants.”

source: USA Today

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May 25, 2011