Justin & Mila on the August issue of Elle Magazine (Update)

Justin & Mila are featured on the August issue of Elle Magazine. Hopefully more pictures will surface soon. They look adorable:


Update: Check a preview from the magazine. Too cute!


Click here to see in full

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perry Says:

Usher, Enrique Iglesias and Justin Timberlake

nic Says:

stunning pic but the lighting looks a bit photoshopped

Love Timberlake Says:

Awwww I love them!!!! They look perfect :) Can’t wait 4 FWB and this magazine… :D Thanks 4 post.

Sam Says:

The pics are just too cute. Can’t wait for more. How are you nic ?

sb. Says:

he’s looking really all-american here; really tom hanks-y(?, lol) as well.

they look great together, tho!

sb. Says:

oh …i like new pick too, sam. lol

nic Says:

im ok, busy like crazy with personal issues

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July 6, 2011