Justin interview with Grazia magazine

This interview is from February but I decided to translated because Justin reveals some interesting facts and talks about things you wouldn’t expect him to talk in interviews.

Note: Keep in mind this is a translation from a translation so some things may have not been written in the right context or may be interpreted innacurately. As it is usual with foreign transcribed interviews.

The message of “In Time”, the movie in which you star, is that everything can be bought, including Time ?

“Like all stories set in the future, it tries to make us reflect on some aspects of our present. In this case I think the obsession to stay young, the fear of aging. But in this movie, where money allows you to buy everything, even time, I see a criticism of the classist system in which only the one who is born to a wealthy family can have a chance. In the end, is not very different from the message of the new movements of consciousness as “Occupy Wall Street”.

You were not born rich: you come from a normal family

I was lucky. I have had success, but, above all I was lucky to discover my passions and my true talent from a young age. Not everyone understands this so fast, even if i believe that each of us has a special gift for something. I won a talent show by singing and dancing, i was booked in Mickey Mouse House Club, along with Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, Keri Russell and Christina Aguilera. A nice group. We did just about everything.

Britney now has some health problems

“I love her from the bottom of my heart and I will always continue to do it. She had many difficulties in her life, it’s true, but her talent is beyond argument: she will pull out of it soon, I have no doubt.”

Back to “In Time” Do you feel like you’ve loosen time in your life ?

Not so much indeed. Perhaps yes. In the last year I played a bit too much cards like Texas Hold’ em poker. Now, however, I allow myself only a few games with friends. I think I have always invested most of my days to reach my goals”.

Are you ambitious?

Sure. I wont deny it. I would not be where I am without a good dose of ambition. I have the desire to protect myself from the risk of achieving nothing or from making bad choices. “In Time” made me understand even better how time and health are our real luxuries. I seem to have done a lot in 31 years and I appreciate the life I have more than ever.

If you could buy time for someone who would that be?

“My parents. And, above all, my grandparents, who were married very young, when they had practically nothing. Yet they raised a large and beautiful family, devoted body and soul to work, and to take care of their children and grandchildren. I wish I could repay their sacrifices to give them years to enjoy life and grandchildren.

How much was their example important to you ?

“I’ve never forgotten where I come from, that is from a family of a small town in Tennessee, where I often come back to see my friends. I’m like them: I like music, dance, cinema.
I’m son of workers and I will remain as it. All the great blues man have humble origins, and they all sing the most melancholy aspects of life. I don’t make blues and I’m not melancholic, but humility serves me well”

You’ve been singing since you were ten, is music your first love?

Since forever. I used to perform at school or I tried to be noticed in some shows and people said:’ This kid is great!’.I’ve grown up this way, doing what was instinctive to me and listening to people that told me I was a phenomenon. It happende also to britney Spears and, I think, to Michael jackson.

Who is your favorite singer?

“Prince is my hero. He continues to produce, write and play music because that is his true passion. There is nothing in him that is not authentic. He really lives in the future. He is always ahead. ”

Have you ever met ?

“I was invited to a party at his house. There was a stage and a band playing. Someone said to me: “Prince wants you to sing something.” I was half drunk, excited, but I decided to launch into a piece of the Rolling Stones. So, along with Prince, I found myself singing “Miss You”. A moment I will never forget. ”

And today do you consider yourself more as singer or actor?

“A singer and dancer, and I will continue to be until my legs work, like Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire. But I confess that I am taking pleasure in acting in films. I find it easy, I think I improved in every film, I feel at ease before the camera. Working for big directors like David Fincher for The social network is comparable to sing with Prince. Fight Club is one of the key films of my youth, one that changes your life. ”

The last generational film, perhaps, it’s the “The social network …

The last generational movie (maybe we can say the last movie of our generation), perhaps, it’s “The Social Network” … “It’s a great reflection on how technology has changed, and perhaps improved, our communication skills. Facebook has contributed to the democratization of information, it’s the realization of the “global village” presumed by Marshall McLuhan…I attended college for short time, but when I was there I studied communications.”

Which one do you use more. Facebook or twitter ?

In recent months, to communicate with my fans, I often use the second”

What do you do when you are not working ?

I run and do snowboard. I have various Harley Davidson, i’m a collector like George Clooney. A couple of times we went to walk in California together. I also follow the european football, I cheer for Manchester United. I have also three Mercedes, are my “whims” of luxury”.

Is it true that you and your girlfriend Jessica Biel have finally decided to get married?

“On the tabloids you can read a lot of stories … When and if we decide to do, I’ll confirm it, perhaps really on Twitter! For now I live my private life … in private. We will not be 25 years like in the movie, but Jessica and I are still young, after all. There is time for everything. And if there was not, it means that I’ll buy a little ‘

source: Grazia.it Translated with the help of jtimberlake.net

18 Responses

amitiss Says:

thank you thank you for this amazing interview
he has beutiful heart

Syncher Says:

He was still denying their engagement in February? Something is not right with these two…

mary Says:

justin’s private life is his own,and I respect that about him. He make his own damm decision’s.

michelle Says:

The interview was in February she didn’t start to wear the ring until March. So what’s the problem Syncher??

michelle Says:

And it wasn’t a denial ….it was a its none of your business answer

Marria Says:

Where did you get this interview? ….
I do not believe he say those things now……
Maybe in 2002 but not 2012. He would not do such absurdity after
asked Jessica to marry in December……
Sorry something’s wrong……
grade 0.

Syncher Says:

The problem is that when you are in love, you shout it from the rooftops. Couples that don’t acknowledge their togetherness or hide such big things as engagements are a huge red flag. If you are getting married, you should be proud enough and happy enough to want to tell the world. You don’t have to share details such as when or where, but you should be secure enough in your relationship to say “yes, we are happy and together and are getting married.”

Syncher Says:

And they were already engaged in February. He did deny it by saying “IF and WHEN”.

Sam Says:

@maria its a fashion magazine from Italy. It has exclusive untagged outakes from a photoshoot he did last year so I figured out it was the real deal. But I obviously can’t assure that whats written is EXACTLY the way Justin said it.

These written foreign interviews always seem to have these problems about them where it seems what Justin says is put out of there in the wrong light.

Thats the downside with interviews that are translated over and over. The original context of what was said is completely lost. Not sure if I should continue translating these interviews.

@Syncher obvisouly we dont know if he said it exactly like that but to me it seems he was joking, displaying a none of your business attitude like @michell pointed and just being sarcastic about the whole question.

mary Says:

Justin has been private with his relationship with Jessica Biel.So why should he stop NOW. Justin doesn’t owe any one anything except his TALENT!!

Syncher Says:

Actually, he hasn’t always been private – he used to talk about her a lot when they first started dating. It was when they started having problems that he started refusing to talk about her.

mary Says:

ustin has not gone into great detail’s abou. His relationship with Jessica Biel. All relationship’s has problem’s.So that doesn’t mean a thing. Justin doesn’t owe anybody a thing!!

Maria Says:

Ok Sam, I understand…

The only problem is that the fans of Britney out and interpret these interviews writing on websites and this rejection with Jessica never ends…
They are always writing that they have problems and are not happy…
Whether he shouts to the world that would say to be false, so draw conclusions own …
Time takes care to show your true fans that he found his soul mate !!
Kisses …

Michelle Says:

Syncher you sound like you live in a romantic comedy. Yea they were engaged since December but she didn’t start wearing her ring until march. March comes after February maybe he wasn’t ready to go public. Who knows maybe the ring was getting sized maybe there was a magazine deal they were gonna do but it fell through. Just because they didn’t throw an engagement party and invite People Magazine like Britney and Drew Barrymore does t mean their love is any less. They can’t just talk about each other all that freely because the more they talk about their relationship the more the media gets involved. They are a private couple whether you like it or not. They don’t get the privacy we do. Beyonce never even wore engagement ring or even acknowledged the rumors until her and Jayz finally got married.

Justin/Jessica are in love… Theyre engaged…. They are gonna get married. Deal with it

Michelle Says:

And he has talked about her a couple more times throughout the years you just choose to ignore it since you obviously don’t like them together and want to be crabby no matter what they do. If they share to much about their relationship theyre called fame whores if they don’t share anything there must be something wrong. They can’t win with people like you.

Syncher Says:

And who exactly are “people like me”? People looking out for Justin? Geze, you guys are ridiculous. The truth will come out in the end, you all will see.

Michelle Says:

Bahahahahahaha “looking out for Justin” and ” the truth will come out” yea okay AS IF you actually know/met/spoken to either one of them. Please…. After 5 years he knows who he is marrying a lot better than you do. All you know is what bitter jealous girls on the Internet make up and spread. And if your basing your opinion on what tabs and blogs say then Justin should be the one you have the problem with because he’s the one they have been painting as a cheating succumb bag since hes been with Cameron.

Maria Says:

Uhuhu! Michelle I agree with you ..
At last I found someone like me in this battle on websites that share positive opinions for JT & JB …
I failed to access many websites be disgusted by what they invent and write.
It’s amazing how they idolize and dream of the union who really did cheating with him ….
People with little “QI” to analyze such information are absurd current relationship end up believing ..
Kisses ..

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