JT’s Super Saturday experience: all you need to know

We’re just a couple of days away from Justin’s first live concert in a very long time!!!

As you know JT will hit the stage this weekend at DirecTV’s Super Saturday.

Axs.TV is the channel in charge of covering the complete event and will be giving away tickets for the show.

During the week Axs.TV will be airing a series of JT specials where you will get the chance to win the tickets. The schedule can be found below (Pacific Time. Check AXs.TV’s website for your timezone):

ax schedule

Additionally you can follow Axs.Tv on twitter to get more clues on how to win. You can also let them know you are interested in attending by tweeting them with the hashtag: AXSTVJT

And finally here is the schedule for the big day on Saturday : 7:30-10:00 PM PT:
axstv saturday

Good luck to everyone who tries to get tickets. If you happen to attent the show and would like to share pictures/videos/stories about your experience, you can email me at timberlake_justinfans@hotmail.com

Also if any of you guys are recording the concert on Saturday and are able to upload to the web, please send me a link to the same mail to post on the site.

I will be glad to give you proper credit for everything you send. Thanks in advance!

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January 29, 2013