Jay-Z released Magna Carta Holy Grail


Well what an epic 4th of July this is going to be isn’t it?

Today Jay-Z officially dropped his Magna Carta Holy Grail album exclusively to Samsung Galaxy Users. JT is featured not in 2 but actually 3 songs off the album. We already knew about Holy Grail and BBC in advance but to our surprise he also provides vocals in a song called Heaven.

Let’s breakdown each track individually:

Holy Grail:
No doubt the best of the 3. JT delivers one of the most amazing vocals of his entire career. His voice in Grail is so powerful and emotional… Simply immaculate. Also kudos to them for adding that Nirvana part, makes the song sound super dope.

I can’t wait for him and Jay to perform it. This is going to be the sh!t live.

They say you dont always get the best result when you reunite a lot of A-list artist on a single track, and thats the case here. This song is excessively overcrowded to the point where you cant even tell who sings what. JT’s voice vagely echoes for a couple of seconds in this song and is that supposed to be Beyonce in the end? Mess.

This is kinda like a breezy song. The voice effect they added to JT’s voice is interesting. All in all the track is cool but Im not too crazy about it.

You will be able to officially buy the songs on July 7 when Magna Carta is released nationwide. In the meantime listen to the links above and make sure to share your thoughts on the tracks!

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Agnes Says:

I’m a loyal fan of JT over a decade now, experienced him live multiple times and always knew how great he is. But despite being a fan, I would have never said that JT is one of the best male singers on this planet and the funny thing is that he himself agrees on this fact on the Future Sex/Love Show-DVD. But I always admired the special timbre of his voice and for me he always had one of the most unique voices ever.
But damn, what happened in that six years hiatus? It’s like JT’s vocals improved a dozen of levels, especially live! And his delivery on “Holy Grail” absolutely SHOCKED me! His voice is like out of this earth, he’s like in another dimension or something! GOD LORD! That power and emotion, it’s like he’s literally singing his heart out. I have never heard him sound so emotional before! A new outstanding vocal coach, who raised the best vocals from JT to the surface? I never knew he was understating the case! Or is he maybe possessed by MJs soul or something? Damn, he’s one of the best male singers on this planet right now …!
Greetings from Germany :)

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July 4, 2013