“I couldn’t see my future without music in it”

As the Sexyback singer continues to carve out a movie career (The Social Network, anyone), everyone’s starting to question whether Justin Timberlake will resume his stellar music career.

Speaking to Sophie Monk for the Kyle and Jackie O Show, Timberlake and Yogi Bear star Dan Aykroyd tried to address the matter.

“He never left,” replied Aykroyd when asked when he’d return to music.

Timberlake added that he didn’t “want one to live in the shadow of the other and if that’s the thing that takes time, then so be it.”

“I individualise everything I do so much, they’re so different from one another… I couldn’t see my future without music in it.”

source: fox au

There is a God!! I love this interview :)

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callykrazy Says:

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? I think there is!!!

Love Timberlake Says:

Thanks God!!! ;) … aww baby, I miss you soo much, I need new music… I hope you’ll back in studio soon!!! I couldn’t see my future without you and your music in it :) I LOVE YOU JUSTIN RANDALL TIMBERLAKE

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January 19, 2011