Happy Birthday Justin Timberlake!!! + New Layout


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A golden birthday for our golden man. Happy Birthday Justin.  You rejoice us with every moment in your life. We are all proud with every new success that you keep achieving. I hope you have a fantastic day and that this new year is full of amazing experiences for you.

Several fans sent their birthday wishes to Justin. Check out some of them below & the rest in the gallery. Thanks to everyone who sent in their messages. You can continue to send in your wishes and I will add them during the day.

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Justin Timberlake – 10 reasons why he is the superstar he is today (Thanks to Gabriela Millán Ormachea)

Click here to see the rest of the birthday wishes in the gallery

Make sure to send Justin some bday wishes on his twitter account @jtimberlake , and buy In Time!!! What better way to congratulate Justin than buying & supporting his movie ? Interesting fact: The last day of filming of In Time was also on his birthday.

I also have a little surprise for you guys. I was actually hoping to reveal it today, but I didn’t finish it “In Time” lol (I know, shame on me) but I’m planning to reveal it as soon as this week.

Surprise!!!! It’s a new layout. I decided to install it but I still have to set up several things in the sidebars, so its not finished yet. Thanks to the wonderful Ivy at  http://zarzarrosa.org/ for doing the design. I hope you guys like it :)

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nic Says:

sent you the bday vid i made

Sam Says:

Thanks. Will check it out :)

fan justin timberlake Says:

Justin Timberlake is perfect

amitiss Says:

wwwwwwoow LOVE HIM SOOOO MUCH . this is the best web site EVER THANK YOU

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January 31, 2012