Fallon Timberweek – Day 4

Another great Fallon Timbernight this was.

Justin & Jimmy did a hilarious skit as kids at summer camp, singing Africa by Toto:

And then it happened… Justin gifted us with a FANTASTIC performance of Strawberry Bubblegum. His voice, the slick dance moves, everything was free of all flaws! Such a suave and smooth delivery. Enjoy:

Also below a picture of him and last night’s guest Katie Couric

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Hi Sam i beg you upload thease videos (with good quality) in ((j-tube.net)) please if you do it i’m be soo greatful <3
thanks for everything Sam this Site is soooooooo amaaaziiiiiiing <3

Emma Says:

I don’t care what anyone says, Strawberry Bubblegum is my favourite on the album! So flawless….I just can’t handle all this perfection.

thepestilence Says:

strawberry is just amazing…he focking nailed it…

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March 15, 2013