Directv Super Saturday concert coverage (Download mp3s)

Ahhhhhhh. It’s been such a magical night!

Justin gave an unforgettable concert tonight. He is back in top form with breathetaking live vocals and amazing stage presence.

All decked up in his Suit & Tie, JT delighted us all with his flawless falsetto and slick free style moves.

His setlist was impressive. It included close to 15 songs ranging from old hits, to Michael Jackson covers and two new songs tittled: “Push it love girl” and “That Girl”

From the new songs he previewed, The 20/20 experience is shaping up to be a very soulful album with raw emotional music. You can tell his love live will be playing a huge role on this album.

He was joined by Jay-Z during “Suit & Tie” and Timbaland for Sexyback. Other songs he performed included:

- Cry me a rive (mixed with N***gas in Paris)
- SummerLove (Acapella)
- My Love
- Señorita
- INXS cover (Impressive deep vocals)
- LoveStoned
- FutureSexLoveSounds
- What goes around comes around
- Shake your body (Michael Jackson cover)
- Let’s dance, let’s shout (Michael Jackson cover)

To put it short & sweet. JT’s got the moves, the voice and the looks (DAMN THAT HAIR!!!) He is officially back better than ever. Enjoy pictures and videos below:

Backstage pictures

Concert pictures

Suit & Tie:
That Girl (NEW)
Push it love girl (NEW)

The concert wasnt shown on tv unfortunately (You can thank AXSLive for doing the false advertising for ratings) so youtube videos will do for now.

I will update this post with more videos and pictures as they become available!

3 Responses

Lisa Says:

Yessss, thanks for updating so soon! Those new songs sound awesome :D Great way to start your day tbh.. I’m so hyped for The 20/20 Experience right now!! AND YASSSS, THE HAIRRRR *hearteyes*

Lisa Says:

Thanks a lot for the coverage! JT’s new songs are so good, especially “that girl”, I just love it <3
Did someone find video for CMAR and Sexyback????? I would love to see them :)

nadia Says:

AAAAh amazing! can’t wait for the Tour!

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February 3, 2013