Cracking the code to JT’s countdown


Justin pretty much confirmed the tittle of the song and a portion of whats believed to be part of the lyrics to it. Plus an S now appears on the site.




Justin is taking hangman to a whole new level with the countdown that appears on his website. Ever since he posted the teaser video announcing his epic comeback, every single soul on the internet has been throwing letters left and right in hopes to decipher the enigma behind this puzzle.

There has been countless theories but everything points to “Suit & Tie” being the name of the first single and … *drum roll please* … “The 20/20 experience” the name of the album.


I think “Suit & Tie” is a very cool title and so fitting of Justin, but oh BOY… I’m obsessed with “The 20/20 experience”. It takes a genius like Timberlake to come with such a brilliant concept.

So what exactly is a “20/20 experience” ? The concept behind this title is derived from having a 20/20 vision, which means you have a clear vision of everything or that you can see perfectly clear.

These titles are of course not official and I’ve been trying so hard not to get attatched to them but “20/20″ is so flawless. I really hope it ends up being true.

While you wait for the next letter to be revealed you can read this article which explains these theories with impressive detail and in a very clever way.

Additionally, the site behind the countdown reveals they’ve been working on this project for OVER A YEAR.

Can you imagine how much thought has been put into everything? I’m glad Justin was able to take his time to work everything out and that nothing about it was revealed.

From Uprising Creative:

Then yesterday, we launched a countdown to new music from Justin Timberlake. You may have heard something about it – it was trending worldwide on Twitter for most of the morning yesterday and I think every press outlet known to man picked up the story. This is something we’ve been quietly working behind the scenes on for over a year now and to finally see all of the pieces come together is incredible. Amazing team, and so much greatness coming once that countdown hits zero.. Yesterday’s launch drove over 1M pageviews in 15 hours – it was huge.. and once that countdown hits zero… oh man.

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Ivy Says:

Me and my brother were trying to read it.
We think the …./…. must be a date. But the 20/20 is also possible.
I Still dont get how they could make all without something leaked, something only JT can do I guess…
Probably a comeback which will blow everything away.


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January 12, 2013