Andy Samberg: Justin Timberlake And I Will Collaborate Again


Now that Andy Samberg has announced that he’s leaving Saturday Night Live, the fear we all collectively share is whether or not Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake will ever put their d-cks in a box, share a three-way with Lady Gaga, or make love to each other’s mothers ever again!

Samberg assures us that he and Justin will definitely collaborate on a funny rap track again, or as Samberg puts it, “Before I leave this earth, sure.”

“I will do anything Justin wants, he knows that we are friends,” says Samberg.

If he will do “anything,” does that include giving a hilarious speech at his good friend Justin Timberlake’s upcoming wedding?

“I don’t know if I am speaking at his wedding,” reveals Samberg.

When pressed for more details on Justin and Jessica Biel’s upcoming nuptials, like a good friend, Samberg kept his mouth shut.

source: hollyscoop

So sad to see Andy leave SNL :(

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June 6, 2012