Justin Timberlake: I’m No Action Hero

TotalKiss: The Sexyback singer plays ghetto dweller Will Salas in the sci-fi film, who goes on the run with a female accomplice, played by Amanda Seyfried, after he is accused of murder.

“I don’t see myself as an action hero,” Timberlake told Sky News, “and I didn’t see this guy as some sort of tough action hero. He’s street smart. I just see him as an everyday guy who gets pushed too far.”

It is Timberlake’s first serious leading role following his comedic turns in Bad Teacher and Friends With Benefits, but he told Sky News he felt no pressure taking it on.

“No. You don’t think about it when you are making a movie you apply the same tools as you do for any sort of character.”

Timberlake, who also appeared in The Social Network, said he would be just as happy taking on a secondary part in the future.

“I enjoy playing supporting roles as well,” he said, “I really do, because you can do different things with the character, sometimes, which you can’t do as a protagonist.”

In Time, which has its UK premiere last night, is set in a future where aging stops at 25 but inhabitants will die within one year unless they earn, steal or inherit more time to keep them alive.

The film involves high speed car chases and a lot of running from the leading star who shows off a toned figure – something he worked hard to attain.

“I did a lot more sprinting in my training for the movie,” Timberlake revealed, “so naturally you lose a lot of body fat. I’ve managed to gain a lot of it back and I am a happier person for it. I like to eat.”

Timberlake has been in the entertainment industry since he was 12 years old when he joined the cast of The Mickey Mouse Club along with former girlfriend Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

After conquering the music world with group N Sync and as a solo artist, he is now looking for “inspiring” projects.

“I feel like I have come to a place….that I honestly want to be inspired. I want to have that same desperation to do something and that’s become my new barometer on whether I am going to do it or not.”

“I love my job, I really do, it’s a great job but I think when you have that feeling of desperation that is when you should act on it.

Co-star Mamma Mia’s Amanda Seyfried takes on rebellious rich girl Sylvia Weis, who assists Timberlake in trying to overturn the corrupt system.

She said working with Timberlake was “easy” and he made her “laugh a lot” but one subject she did not dare to broach was music.

Seyfried told Sky News: “I don’t even talk about it with him, he is a musical genius, a musical superstar… I sing under my breath sometimes. I don’t even think he knows I used to sing.”

In Time also stars Batman villain and 28 Days Later star Cillian Murphy. It is in cinemas today.

Justin Timberlake & Amanda Seyfried talk snogging

Justin Timberlake & Amanda Seyfried rock at In Time premiere and reveal how great it was kissing each other in their new film! . Report by Sarah Mills.

In Time – UK premiere

Justin Timberlake & Amanda Seyfried arrive at the UK Premiere of ‘In Time’ at the Curzon Mayfair on October 31, 2011 in London, England.

Check out the pictures below on the red carpet and inside:


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Happy Halloween!!!

Check out a hilarious picture of Justin & Fallon wishing a Happy Halloween to everybody and also birthday wishes to Willow Smith.

These fools lol:


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Happy Halloween everybody!!!

Justin Timberlake – The Early Show

Six-time Grammy and four-time Emmy Award winner Justin Timberlake speaks to Erica Hill about his action role in the new sci-fi thriller “In Time.”

Top Magazzine

Check out these gorgeous pictures of Justin & Amanda from Top Magazzine. Thanks http://fyjtimberlake.tumblr.com/ for sharing them. The one below is absolutely stunning:

In Time’s Box Office situation (Update)

Dreamworks Animation’s Shrek-spinoff Puss in Boots got off to a decent start at the box office on Friday, scratching up the competition and topping the chart with an estimated $9.6 million.

That opening number puts Puss well behind other Dreamworks pictures like Kung Fu Panda 2, which started with $13.1 million on its way to a $47.7 million weekend, and How To Train Your Dragon, which earned $12.1 million on Friday and scored $43.7 million in its opening frame. If Puss in Boots can score a similar 3.5 weekend multiplier (which may be difficult with a giant snowstorm hitting the Northeast), it could pull in $34 million this weekend, and while that is an impressive-sounding number, we must remember that Puss in Boots came with a hefty $130 million pricetag.

In second, last weekend’s chart topper, Paranormal Activity 3, dropped by a scary 75 percent to $6.5 million on Friday, but given how inflated its opening day was last week, that drop should level out to about 60 percent over the rest of the weekend — pretty standard for a horror sequel. Paranormal Activity 3 may have earned about $20 million by Sunday’s end, which would lift its total to $82 million.

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried’s psychological thriller In Time started off in third place with $4.3 million, which is well below the $6.8 million that Timberlake’s last film, Friends With Benefits, earned on opening day.

source: EW


A rare October snowstorm on the east coast turned what was shaping up to be a soft weekend box office even softer Saturday, with all three new releases showing disappointing results.

Although Dream Works Animation’s “Puss in Boots” led the domestic box office, it grossed only $34 million, according to studio estimates. Studio CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg said last week he wanted the movie to open to at least $33.6 million, and box-office watchers outside DreamWorks widely expected the movie to take in more than $40 million.

Fox’s “In Time” debuted at No. 3, with only $11.6 million, rival-estimates show.

And FilmDistrict’s “The Rum Diary” bowed at No. 5, wih an estimated $5 million.

Paramount’s scary “Paranormal Activity” was No. 2 in its second week, grossing $18.5 million. Another Paramount holdover, “Footloose,” took $5.4 million in its third weekend in release, putting it at No. 4.

The east coast snowstorm was a doozy, knocking out power to some 2.5 million households and businesses from Pennsylvania to New England. Conditions in New Jersey were so bad, Gov. Chris Christie declared a state of emergency.

source: TheWrap


Update: International Box Office

Opening in the week’s fourth spot was 20th Century Fox’s In Time, a sci-fi/thriller costarring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, which collected $14.5 million from 2,486 screens in 35 markets. No. 1 debuts were recorded in Australia ($2.5 million from 280 locations), Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and New Zealand.

source: THR

Backstage on Jimmy Fallon

Updated the gallery with two backstage pictures of Justin Timberlake on Jimmy Fallon. Check them out on the link below:

Justin Timberlake complete NPR interview – Audio


It was almost two years ago now that Justin Timberlake, while filming The Social Network, cemented his place in the NPR collective heart by being photographed wearing our logo across his chest like a tattoo, only fabric, and temporary, and less painful. (Back then, by the way, that shirt wasn’t in our shop. Now, you can have one! It’s with our “best-sellers,” even now.)

On Saturday’s Weekends On All Things Considered, host Guy Raz talks to Timberlake about that shirt — as well as music, comedy, and his new film, In Time, in which he plays a man battling a dark future where time is traded as currency. According to Timberlake, the idea that the rich could literally buy life from the poor is particularly topical given the Occupy Wall Street movement and its concern with “separating class by wealth.” But for the most part, he says he took the role because he admired the character — and all the cool stunts and beautiful women weren’t a hardship, either.

Timberlake’s movie career has been a little spotty, more so than his music career, but his prospects in acting took a giant leap forward when he played Sean Parker in 2010′s The Social Network. The film was so important for him that Timberlake says he often tells friends his business card should say “[director] David Fincher Put Me In A Movie.”

But music and serious acting aren’t Justin Timberlake’s only calling cards — they may, in fact, be secondary in his pop-culture ascendancy to his comedy work (much of which incorporates singing), including highly regarded hosting gigs on Saturday Night Live, hosting the ESPYs for ESPN, and appearances on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night that have, when posted online, turned into massive viral hits.

Being involved in comedy seems to come naturally, and he believes it does a lot to help people connect with you. “Comedy, in general, is the most disarming,” he says. “It kind of breaks this wall down that I feel like people have because they have some perception of who you might be.”

Speaking of perceptions: About that shirt. “I’m a big fan of many different programs on NPR,” says Mr. Justin Timberlake,”so it wasn’t because I thought it was hip. I actually am a really big fan.” Despite the fact that this comment could be taken to mean he thinks NPR isn’t hip, he follows by making the point that he’s loved the shirt to the point of damage: “I have to get a new one. It’s gotten some wear and tear. I actually wear it a lot.”

And there you have it. Better to be utilitarian than to be hip.

source: Npr