Update on Freesol’s music video


New picture from the shoot. Click here to see the full version

The video was set to premiere some weeks ago but the guys at 901 Tequila have clarified that it’s still in the works.

Additionally, Freesol tweeted the following this morning:

Good things come to those who wait!

Vote for Justin on the Pop Sugar 100


It’s that time of the year again. Pop Sugar is hosting its annual PopSugar100.  Make sure to vote for Justin Timberlake and spread the word so he can go far into the competition and win it this time around.

The instructions are very simple:

1. Pick a category to start with, and scroll left and right to see the celebrities eligible for the list. (The ‘Help Me’ tab also showcase illustrations to help you further.)

2. Click on celebrities to add to to your Top 10. Move celebrities around by dragging and dropping and pick again & settle for your top 10. (Of your choice, you can only pick 10 and/or edit a person out & a new person in.)

3. Save your list and spread the word to your list! Also don’t forget to see all of the lists and fill them out for additional entries.

I guess the order you place the artists has an effect on the ranking so always make sure to place Justin on the #1 spot.

Vote for Justin in 3 categories (click each link below):

All time favorite Star
Favorite Recording Artist
Sexiest Celebrity Men

You can share your votes via your favorite social media networks including Twitter & Facebook.

By playing the PopSugar100, you can be entered for the chance to win one of four gorgeous luxury prizes — a Chanel bag, an Hermès Kelly bag, an Hermès CdC cuff bracelet, and a vintage Rolex watch!

Gifs from the Ellen show

Some of the things I enjoy the most when Justin does tv interviews are his hilarious expressions & funny moments on the shows. So I decided to make a couple of gifs. Hope you like:


Click here to see all the gifs

Full Justin & Mila interview on Ellen

Here is the full interview of Justin & Mila on Ellen Degeneres, plus a new preview clip of their movie “Friends with Benefits” Enjoy:

New preview of Friends with Benefits

JT & Mila previews on Ellen! + Win a Signed Guesstures card

In their new movie, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis have quite a few nude scenes. Today they told Ellen what they actually wore during filming — and shared the hilarious details

Bid on a Guesstures Card Signed by Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis


After playing a hilarious round of Guesstures with Ellen, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis both signed one of the large cards from the game. Ellen is putting it up for auction to support The Gentle Barn, a wonderful organization that rescues animals and helps underprivileged kids. You could own a one-of-a-kind souvenir from the show signed by two huge superstars, but only if you bid!

Click here to bid & good luck

Update, here is the hilarious video of them playing Guesstures:

Olivia Wilde talks Justin

Olivia Wilde addresses the rumors about her dating Justin and talks about their latest movie “Now”.

Seth Meyers ‘Excited’ By Lady Gaga/ JT ‘SNL’ Prospects

When “Saturday Night Live” wraps up its season on May 21, it will have a two of the biggest names in the entertainment world on hand to keep everyone buzzing through Monday morning. “SNL” darling and Hollywood A-lister Justin Timberlake has been tapped to host with pop music superstar Lady Gaga onboard to delight fans as the night’s musical guest.

It’s a pairing that has “SNL” writer/”Weekend Update” host Seth Meyers very excited.

“Timberlake and Gaga! [I've got] nothing. It’s a month out!” he told MTV News at the Time 100 gala in New York City about his plans for the twosome.

“I’m not even thinking about it! I have two shows before then. I can’t believe how I’m slacking,” he joked, adding, “Mostly, I’m just taking care of the business ahead of me, like athletes taking it a game at a time.”

Fans would probably love to see Justin and Gaga pair up for a sketch, and the “SNL” head writer said he isn’t against that idea. “I would love it,” Meyers said. “[Lady Gaga] was great. She was one of the best musical acts we’ve ever had. Obviously, when she comes to being a performer she’s without peers, so I’m really excited to have both of them there together.”

As for Timberlake, who has won two Emmys for his work on the late-night comedy staple, Meyers admitted, “Basically, he owns it!”

The multitalented pop stars will appear on the show in time to promote some of their latest projects. Timberlake’s flick “Bad Teacher” opens on June 24 and Gaga’s Born This Way drops May 23.

Would you like to see Gaga and Justin do an “SNL” skit together?

source: MTV

Fragment from Justin & Mila’s interview with Ellen

Also stopping by — Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, who co-star in the upcoming “Friends with Benefits.”

Ellen asked the pair if they thought the idea — having a no-strings-attached sexual relationship with a friend — could really work.

Ellen: Do you think that (friends with benefits) can work?  Have you ever had a friend with benefits? Do you really think that can work?

Justin: It’s a really good idea until it becomes a bad idea. It probably becomes a bad idea really fast.

Ellen: Yes, I would think that would really hard to do that in reality.

Justin: I think that everybody could probably agree with us when we say, that if your going to be intimate with someone at some point somebody’s going to feel something.

Ellen: Unless it’s not…good stuff. (laughing)

Justin: That’s still a feeling.

Ellen: If it’s bad than no one’s going to develop any feelings.

Justin: They’ll develop a feeling but it’s going to be, uh, uh.

Uh, uh indeed.

“Friends with Benefits” hits theaters on July 22.

source: zap to it

New pics

Yesterday Justin was spotted Out & About in LA. Damn does he look good. Enjoy the pictures below:


Click here to see the pictures

Preview of Justin & Milla on Ellen

Check out the hilarious preview of Justin & Mila Kunis on Ellen. Remember to catch the full episode on Thursday April 28. This is going to be so good :D