Justin filming night scenes with Olivia Wilde – Oct 29 (Added more pics)

The 29-year-old singer turned leading man was spotted in a clinch with his co-star Olivia Wilde (playing his mom in the movie) on the set of his new film, “Now”.

He appeared to be giving the brunette bombshell mouth-to-mouth as she lay in his arms.

The film, which also stars Amanda Seyfried, is set in a world where people stop ageing at 25 and must buy time in order to live forever.

Justin stars as a young rebel falsely accused of murdering a time-wealthy man.

Olivia Wilde

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Roger Ebert praises Justin’s performance on “The Social Network”


If he hadn’t been selling millions of records when Napster came along, Justin Timberlake thinks he might have been one of its users. Napster was a web service allowing music fans to rip and exchange their own recordings without observing the niceties of royalties and copyrights, and it inspired a celebrated court battle with users charged as thieves and pirates.

“When Napster hit the scene, I was 19 or 20,” he told me. “I had mixed feelings about it because I was the same age as all of those college kids that ended up playing the role of defendants in court. Had I not been in the music industry, I probably would have used it. At the same time, I was watching friends in the industry who were songwriters and were forced take up new jobs. All they do is write songs. They don’t have endorsement deals or sold-out shows. They were getting a small piece of the collective pie.”

There is an irony, then, to be found in Timberlake playing the role of Sean Parker, the mercurial founder of Napster, in David Fincher’s “The Social Network,” one of this year’s Academy Award front-runners. The movie is based on the story of Mark Zuckerberg, who launched Facebook as a Harvard undergraduate and soon saw it become a phenomenon. The real Parker had a similar experience with Napster, and materialized in Zuckerberg’s life as a Svengali of the fast lane.

“The Social Network” is on all the lists of Oscar contenders, and Timberlake is often mentioned as a best supporting actor candidate. Justin Timberlake? The perennial Trending Topic on Twitter? Yes, and why not? In one of the best films of the year, he provides a crucial performance, and he does it with confidence, bravado and heedless energy. It’s acting. It is also perhaps like nothing many Timberland watchers expected, but there you have it: Many performers have talents we never see, because they stay within the parameters of their early fame.

For Timberlake, fame was not launched at the Actor’s Studio or at Julliard, but on “Star Search,” when he was 11. That led to stardom of sorts on the Mickey Mouse Club, and then big time when he became the lead singer of ‘N Sync. Then he went solo and started winning Grammys and going platinum, and — well, nothing at that point could have predicted his casting as Sean Parker in “The Social Network.”

Parker is a difficult role. Mark Zuckerberg is played by Jesse Eisenberg as a super-intelligent geek who likes to bash people in conversation. Parker sees him and raises him. This requires an actor with a lot of confidence and agility. Eisenberg, at 27, is very experienced. Timberlake, at 29, is new to the front ranks of feature films, with all due respect to “The Love Guru” and “Black Snake Moan.” Yet he embodies the Parker role and sells it persuasively. His Parker is a devious manipulator with a private agenda and an instinct for personal openings. He’s a spellbinder. The choice of Timberlake is not only good casting by David Fincher and his casting director, Laray Mayfield, but good casting out of left field.

The Zuckerberg-Parker exchanges are often in a rapid-fire tempo that evokes screwball comedies. I asked if that took a lot of rehearsal.

“Our rehearsal process was, in fact, all talking,” he said. “We never once got up from the table. We would go through the scene, just reading it. Then David Fincher, [writer] Aaron Sorkin and the actors who were in the scene would just sit and talk about what our characters were looking to accomplish in each moment.

“For a character like Sean, who was so brilliantly constructed by Aaron, the overall goal was intact. His most convincing trait, as a value for me (and not without irony), was just how literally convincing he could be to a guy like Mark. And when you have the opportunity to do a large number of takes like David likes to do, the dialogue becomes such a part of you. It makes it easier to rattle off a few pages of poetry. Yes, I just referred to Aaron’s dialogue as poetry.”

I have an additional theory. Later in our e-mail exchange, Timberlake mentioned: “I come from a family of people that think that they are really funny. If it was up to my family, I would be doing comedies forever.”

To be funny, you have to be smart, think fast, talk fast, and have flawless timing. Those are Sean Parker attributes. Maybe Timberlake began to form them doing standup in the family living room.

Judging by photos of the real Zuckerberg and Parker, Timberlake looks something like each of them. “But I sense the Parker role was closer to your inner rhythms,” I said. “Wrong?”

“The script was its own song, really,” he said. “The rhythm of this film was so established by Sorkin. He laid the foundation of this world of hyper-smart college kids. I can’t think of a writer working today that could have done a more masterful job. If you’re asking about which role I would have preferred? Parker. Hands down. The way that character was written was just too much fun.

“But I felt like these two characters probably suffered from the same fears and insecurities. They both invented something to connect with the world comfortably, too. Mark invented Facebook. Sean invented Sean Parker.”

I gather no one on the movie met Zuckerberg. Did you meet, or did you already know, Parker?

“I met him briefly in New York. At the time, I hadn’t been cast in the film but it was speculated that I might be playing the role. We spoke for a second and he seemed like a really nice guy.”

I observed that Parker has dialog where he brags that he brought the music industry to its knees, and put record stores out of business. There’s some irony in a multi-million album seller like Timberland saying this dialog, yes?

“To be honest, it really didn’t hit me until I screened the film for the first time. When you are embodying a character, you believe every part of what they are feeling and saying and doing. It could have been the iPod that he invented. It was more important for me to find out why he was bragging about it, I felt. I think any bravado that came out of the character was a safety mechanism to hide all of the darker parts of him. But, in my personal opinion, I think it takes more than one person to bring down something like the music industry. Much like it took more than one person to make Facebook a billion-dollar company.”

You were a gifted kid who basically overnight found himself a star and then a mogul. Same story with Sean Parker and Mark Zuckerberg. Were there Parker figures in your early career?

“The music industry is full of them. I’ll leave it at that.”

source: roger ebert

Download the Apple Store Q&A on itunes for free

Jesse, Andrew, Justin and Aaron discuss the making of the film, screen clips and take questions from the audience at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.

Justin & Jessica leaving Fraiche restaurant – Oct 26

Added some pictures of Justin & Jessica leaving the Fraiche restaurant in Culver City on Tuesday. So… how do you guys like his new do so far ? Bringing any “Sexyback” memories back ?


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Justin Timberlake the social climber

HE HAS ruled the pop charts and won truckloads of Grammys – now Justin Timberlake wants Hollywood stardom and he wants it bad.

But the 29-year-old is the first to admit he has a misconception mountain to conquer – that whole boy band, Britney-lover, Cry Me a River thing.

“People seem to find if you do one thing really well there is no way you can do something else,” he says.

“You get a lot of doubt.”

Any questions about his acting potential, however, have been silenced by The Social Network. In the film, about the birth of Facebook, Timberlake plays Napster creator and Silicon Valley hedonist Sean Parker.

Parker himself declared of Timberlake’s turn in the film: “It’s a great performance of a character that isn’t me”.

The moment he read the script, Timberlake didn’t just want, but needed the part.

“It’s not every day you read something so complete and so dazzling,” he says. “I was blown away. It was almost dizzying. I asked to be able to please get into the audition room.”

Once in the room, he faced a battle of nerves triggered by the presence of director David Fincher (Se7en) and writer Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing).

“The most nerve-wracking part I didn’t account for was walking in and sitting with Aaron reading the dialogue with him,” Timberlake says.

“It’s like Paul Simon wrote a song for you and you have to walk in and sing it right in front of him. In a childlike way I was just enamoured with them. I will say this: you benefit yourself as an actor by saying what Aaron wrote.”

Sorkin and Fincher, on the other hand, did their best to dismiss Timberlake as just another pop idol desperate to act. Once word had spread through Hollywood that the Sorkin-Fincher dream-team was at the helm of the Facebook movie, they were swamped “with hundreds and hundreds” of young male actors wanting in. “We had our pick,” Fincher says.

Zombieland’s Jesse Eisenberg was picked to play Facebook figurehead Mark Zuckerberg. English actor Andrew Garfield, who has since been crowned Spider-Man, came on board as Zuckerberg’s business partner Eduardo Saverin.

The writer and director then put Timberlake through a rigorous series of auditions, but each time, his talent blew them away.

“Justin Timberlake had to overcome his own fame to get a part in the movie,” Sorkin says.

“We were putting together the best ensemble cast of young actors. Justin is a worldwide mega pop star who was upsetting that apple cart.

“Even though every time he came in to audition he was greater than the time before, no one had to work harder to get this part than Justin did. We kept calling him in to audition in the hope he would do something that would finally make us feel good about saying, ‘You’re not going to get the part’.

“But that never happened. He kept making a more and more convincing case.”

Timberlake the superstar quickly fades into Sean Parker in The Social Network – in all the internet mogul’s self-sabotaging, paranoid glory.

“I met him briefly,” Timberlake says of bumping into Parker in a LA club. “When I met him I hadn’t been cast.

“I saw the character as it existed in the script. I think it would be irresponsible to place all of that on him as a person because I don’t know him.

“I want to be clear that I didn’t play him as a person. That would have been lazy as an actor. You have to be imaginative after the relative.”

Wearing a pair of intellectual but expensive glasses and a navy blue suit jacket – “It’s by my friend J. Lindberg,” he says – Timberlake is the definition of geek chic.

Yet, while his Saturday Night Live spoofs have notched millions of YouTube views, when it comes to the latest technology, Timberlake likes to keep it old-school.

He is “too busy” to use Facebook, is on Twitter rarely and prefers the old-fashioned telephone to connect with his friends – who he says he can count “on one hand”.

“Social networking is the new rock ‘n’ roll,” he says. “It affords kids the time to waste. I’m so thankful I wasn’t in my youth anymore when it was invented. But when you’re young, you’re young and you find ways to waste time.

“I look at it as an outsider who doesn’t use it that much and wonder how good or how bad it will be in the end. I don’t think it will ever stop.”

Timberlake has little time to waste poking people online.

He has just filmed the comedy Bad Teacher with his former flame Cameron Diaz, lead the rom-com Friends With Benefits and will be the voice of Boo-Boo Bear in next year’s Yogi Bear movie.

“I could have done a movie about some guy who used his singing voice to save the world or something stupid,” he says.

“But when I started off as a kid I started as a sketch comedy actor. More than I was a singer, acting came more naturally to me. Acting was my first job.”

Even SexyBack JT was a construct, he says.

“FutureSex/LoveSounds was a character. It was a fun thing to do on stage. Whatever personality or bravado came out of that was acting.

“I started off in a TV show and I honestly feel luckier to have become a musician because I didn’t think that would ever pan out for me.”

source: herald sun au

First pictures of Justin filming “Now” movie (Updated)

Whoa Justin looks like he is ready to kill on the set of his new movie “Now”.

He was spotted filming scenes for the sci-fi flick with Amanda Seyfriend in Los Angeles


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ET coverage of the JT & Friends concert

Justin Timberlake got a little help from his friends as stars galore — including Elton John, Lady Antebellum and Christina Aguilera — performed at his annual benefit concert in Las Vegas. But Christina admitted to some stage fright!

“I haven’t performed in a little while. I’ve been working on the movie ‘Burlesque.’ So it’s nice to get back on stage again but it’s a little nerve wracking,” said Christina, who recently filed for divorce from Jordan Bratman.

“Christina I’ve known since I was 10. I’m always excited to hear her sing. It’s pretty breathtaking,” Justin said.

The ‘Social Network’ star and “Sexy Back” singer hosted his third annual “Justin Timberlake & Friends” concert benefiting Shriners Hospitals for Children (presented by Neuro Drinks) at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

“The show’s lengthy because I was able to get a lot of great artists to come out, so I’m very excited about it,” said Justin, who played with the band Free Sol.

source: etonline

Hollywood Award Gala video

Check out Justin & Jesse’s acceptance speech for their “Ensemble Acting Award” at the Hollywood Awards Gala. I like how Justin always puts a funny twist to his speeches:

Justin to go to India to promote “The Social Network” ?

Pop star Justin Timberlake is definitely ‘in sync’ with publicity stunts. To promote his latest film, The Social Network, directed by David Fincher, Justin will apparently come to Mumbai soon.

After its screening at the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI) film festival, the film has been getting rave reviews.

Says a source, “The movie is releasing on November 12, and Justin is expected to come to Mumbai around November 7. He will be flying down for two or three days.

Justin will come to India to promote a film for the first time. He has a crazy fan following here as well and the organisers are working out his dates.”

A team member from the co-ordinators who are looking into Timberlake’s visit India refused to confirm the story however and said, “No comments.” But we’ll wait nevertheless.

source: times of india