Never before seen William Rast interview posted some never before seen interviews of Justin, Trace and Freesol at the William Rast fashion show that took place last February in New York.

Check them out:

Justin asked for more input on Jamie’s new album

Justin Timberlake was reportedly called in to work on Jamie Foxx’s latest album to “ensure there were more hits”.

The release date for Foxx’s new material was set for this month, but it has been pushed back until July because bosses at J Records/RCA wanted to rework some of the original tracks. This is the star’s fourth album and Timberlake was reportedly asked to get more involved in the project, leading to him collaborating on several songs. Foxx is believed to have welcomed Timberlake’s input and the pair have spent hours in the studio together.

“There were some issues with Jamie’s album. Bosses at the label were not happy with the initial tracks, so Justin was asked to help co-write and perform on more songs,” a source told the New York Post. “Timberlake has collaborated on at least three tracks – including the first release, titled Winner, which is now getting a good reaction on radio play. Jamie was a little upset the label chiefs were insisting on changing his material to ensure there were more hits.

“The album has been delayed twice. It was due for release in April, then pushed back to June and then delayed again.”

Rapper T.I. has since been called into the studio to record a verse for Foxx’s debut track Winner.

Music bosses insist Foxx is happy Timberlake was closely involved with the production of the album and have promised fans they will love the new offering.

“Jamie started working on this album last November, and Justin was involved from the start. Jamie and Justin have completed three tracks. The album has been delayed to July 20, but everyone is happy with the material,” a representative for J Records said.

source: indyposted

Justin & Jessica at the MET Costume Institute Gala again this year ?


Speaking of the Costume Institute benefit, speculation about designers and the celebrities they will bring to the party is heating up. Ralph Lauren and his wife, Ricky, will hostTaylor Swift, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, while Kenneth Cole is bringing Emmy Rossum, Stanley Tucci and Matthew Morrison from “Glee.” Other designers have still to finalize their plans. Michael Kors will be bringing Brooke Shields, Diane Lane, Carolyn Murphy, Natasha Poly and Chanel Iman.

source: wwd, thanks Gkay for the heads up!

Popsugar play-offs

So yeah, just letting you know that we lost to Robert Pattinson on the PopSugar playoffs. The results…were devastating. These vampires are really taking over the world and there’s no sexyback stopping them.

What kind of nonsenses am I saying lol. Anyways, thanks for voting guys. There’s always next year !?!


Justin & Ciara at Timbaland’s birthday party – April 28

Last night, Justin and Ciara were at the Hollywood’s W Hotel celebrating Timbalands birthday. The pictures are just so freaking cool, it looks like they were  having a hell of an awesome time.  By the way, how tiny does Justin looks sandwiched between all those big guys ? haha.


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Oh..and time to get that hat off JT!


The only thing on the rocks between Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel on Wednesday night was a bottle of bubbly — the reportedly strained couple looked perfectly happy celebrating rapper-producer Timbaland’s birthday in Los Angeles.

In the private lounge of nightspot Drai’s Hollywood, Timberlake’s Tequila 901 and Black Star Beer hosted the bash, which also toasted the birthday of Timbaland’s wife, Monique Idlett.

Timberlake and Biel sat close in the lounge, touching and laughing until guests including Ciara, Paris Hilton and Jaime Foxx started to arrive. The pair worked their way around the room, eventually coming together for more close conversation.

The couple slipped out together after about two hours, but not before Timberlake made friends with the lounge’s DJ and selected a few tracks for partygoers.

R&B siblings Brandy Norwood and Ray J made an appearance after Timbaland moved the party upstairs to the main club, which overlooks Hollywood Boulevard.

Sometime after midnight, Lindsay Lohan entered the space with seven or so guests in tow, holding court at a table across from Ciara’s.

source: LA times

New leak – Touch you if I could

New song just leaked. New album on the way ? Nope, don’t get your hopes up, this is most definitely a demo from the Nsync days. His voice sounds so young here, brings back memories and the song is cool so check it out.

“The next big thing” behind the scenes

Here is another slightly different version of the behind the scenes of Audi’s “The next big Thing” starring Justin Timberlake. The ad will be divided in 6 mini movies with the first one premiering on May 4.

The Love Dealer video is here!!!

Download here (mp4 format : Ipod ready)

I really like that the concept of the video shows the process of them making the song and then Justin watching Esmee’s career take off. It’s a very symbolic video of the musical relationship they both share. Liking also the whole urban feel attached to it. Overall, the video is great, what do you guys think ?

“Aint no doubt about it” (The Game feat Pharrell & Justin Timberlake) is here!!!

OMG this track is fire. No surprise at all! It was produced by Pharell. Anyone getting the Justified vibe ?

This song is gonna be a summer smash hit. Ain’t no doubt about it!

Click here to download it

The Shriners tournament coming during spring next year ?

Title sponsors on the PGA Tour are dropping like Phil Mickelson’s birdie putts. At last count there were nine tournaments, about a fourth of the schedule, that do not have deals in place for 2011. Thirteen additional title sponsorships will expire after 2012. Some likely will be back. Many likely will not.

Each time a sponsor bails out, the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open gets a wee bit closer to attaining the spring date it might need to survive in the long run. Right now, it’s probably in the pine needles, laying four.

The JTSHFCO is the most recent incarnation of pro golf in Las Vegas. It is part of the PGA’s Fall Series, which means it is played during football season and the baseball playoffs by guys not named Tiger or Phil.

Tiger and Phil play most of their golf during spring and early summer, leading up to the PGA playoffs for the FedEx Cup in August and September. After that, they step aside to count their money and turn the links over to guys with names such as Martin Laird, Marc Turnesa, George McNeill, Troy Matteson, Wes Short Jr., and Andre Stolz, who I believe played Cher’s son Rocky Dennis in that “Mask” movie.

Actually, those are the last six Las Vegas winners. I am sure they all are excellent golfers. I am just as sure they will never be identified only by their first names, like Tiger and Phil and Jack and Arnie and Sergio, though it’s been a little while since we heard from Sergio.

The lack of marquee talent might explain why our PGA tournament has gone through directors like Spinal Tap went through drummers. Adam Sperling, the new guy, is back for a second year. That makes him something of a graybeard, although he doesn’t look old enough to shave.

Sperling said the JTSHFCO already has notified the Tour, in writing, that it wants to move to spring. It could happen as early as next year, Sperling said, or the year after that although 2013, after all these current title sponsorships expire, is the most likely scenario.

Until then, the best way Las Vegas can show the Tour it would support a spring tournament is by supporting the one still played here in the fall. Last year was a good start, said Sperling, estimating that attendance was up 30 percent over 2008.

That sounds great, but what does it mean in actual numbers? My question was like Phil on the back nine at Augusta. Sperling saw it coming.

He estimated the 2009 tournament attracted between 15,000 and 20,000 spectators over its five-day run. The goal this year is to double attendance, to 40,000. That might seem like a lot, but not when you consider Hilton Head drew around 130,000 a couple of weeks ago, and said that was down 20 percent from prior to the recession.

“Last year we did everything we could do,” Sperling said about boosting attendance, “but we didn’t know everything we could do.”

This year, they are going for the green. Or at least spreading some of it around. The JTSHFCO is offering $15 vouchers — the cheapest ticket on Tour, Sperling says — to local businesses and organizations, who get to keep 50 percent from every voucher sold. An even better deal is available to schools, which get to keep 100 percent.

The Clark County School District is the nation’s fifth largest, with 311,417 students at last count. If each student sold only one voucher it would mean a school system that is broke would be $4,671,255 less broke.

It also would challenge the security force at TPC Summerlin like never before.

That’s one problem Adam Sperling wouldn’t mind having.

source: lvrj