Pictures of Justin on the set of “Bad Teacher”

Justin  taking a break while on set of “Bad Teacher” – March 30.


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Justin  rides around the set  on a golf cart – March 31.


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Justin and Torpedo in the studio

I’ve never seen someone making music and having a beer in the process haha! That said, there always seems to be such a great and fun atmosphere when working with Justin in the studio. No wonder why the music always sounds so good.

Hope we get to hear the final result of these sessions soon!

Yogi Bear’ Director Eager To Bring Jellystone, Justin Timberlake To 3-D

Anybody can point a 3-D camera at aliens, serial killers or cartoons and make them cool. What’s considerably tougher, however, is the thought of taking a classic character and fully immersing an audience in the world they longed to live in as children. A lot had been written about “The Smurfs,” an upcoming CG-and-live action 3-D mix that will aim to do exactly that; but if there’s one character even more beloved that will soon make his big-screen debut, it’s Yogi Bear.

Recently we caught up with “Journey to the Center of the Earth” director Eric Brevig, who had just returned from months of shooting in New Zealand where he’d re-created Hanna-Barbera’s beloved Jellystone Park. He had a pick-a-nick basket’s worth of goodies to spill on Yogi and Boo-Boo’s movie debut in 3-D, casting Justin Timberlake as everybody’s favorite sidekick and why Yogi is still smarter than the average bear.

MTV: How did the shoot go?

Eric Brevig: It went really well. My plan for the movie was to get very funny, comic actors like Anna Faris, Andy Daly and — you’ve probably heard of Dan Aykroyd, right? — he’s the voice of Yogi. And then I wanted to make a movie that’s a comedy in which some of the characters are bears, as opposed to a kid’s film.

MTV: How did you shoot the film? Was there a lot of tennis balls and sticks involved?

Brevig: Well, yeah, but it wasn’t quite that removed from a normal live-action film. I had two actors — one of whom was six-foot-four and the other one was four-foot-two — and they stood in for Yogi and Boo-Boo from the blocking to the rehearsal and the filming … after a while, you’d forget that some of the characters are going to be replaced by CG bears later on.

MTV: Justin Timberlake is doing the voice of Boo-Boo, and he’s shown us in the past how good he is at cartoon voices. Tell us about his casting.

Brevig: He’s very talented; he should think of a career in the entertainment industry. We heard that he wanted to do the voice, and I thought, “Oh, great,” because everybody thinks they can do Yogi and Boo-Boo. But when we met with him for the first time, he did the tiniest little amount and it was like, “This guy has got it nailed!” I got Dan and Justin to record their voices at the same time, so they could actually talk back and forth, and it was really great.

MTV: Why was it important to make “Yogi Bear” in 3-D?

Brevig: I think “Avatar” showed it brilliantly, but when you have a fantasy world such as the one of Yogi Bear — we built Jellystone Park in the woods of New Zealand — and to be able to see your idealized version of what your childhood dream is like, to see that all that in 3-D, it just makes for more of an engaging experience. … There’s a big action piece where Yogi builds this glider — he’s a master inventor with pieces he’s stolen from other picnickers — and his mission is to rescue this specific thing that will save the park. S, he and Boo-Boo get launched off a cliff, and of course the glider is not built very well, so there’s all sorts of exciting near-misses and calamities as they’re flying through Jellystone. Once they’ve achieved their goal, the thing falls apart and they wind up in a raft with Ranger Smith and Anna Faris’ character, and they go down a white-water rapid by accident. So it’s like an Indiana Jones-level action scene, and it’s just hilarious. To see two live actors into CG bears all bouncing around in the same raft holding on for dear life.

MTV: What’s the basic plot?

Brevig: Anna Faris plays a documentary filmmaker who comes to Jellystone, and she’s a love interest to Ranger Smith played by Tom Cavanagh. Jellystone is in danger from a politician who decides he can save money by shutting down a National Park. It’s up to Smith and Anna’s character, as well as Yogi and Boo-Boo, to come up with a way to save the park while the lumberjacks are arriving with their equipment preparing to start tearing it apart.

source: MTV

Exclusive: TNT Aligns the Stars for NBA Push

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TNT is gilding its NBA playoff promotional campaign with a few megawatts of star power, enlisting multihyphenates Justin Timberlake and Jamie Foxx to anchor the upcoming “Win or Go Home” initiative.

Tipping off Friday, April 2, a long-form marketing spot featuring Timberlake and Foxx will begin running in some 1,200 Regal Cinemas theaters nationwide. Timing out at two minutes and 30 seconds, TNT’s NBA push will appear during the trailer reel in nearly 16,000 Regal Cinemas screens.

The theater spot opens on the two celebrities jawing about the contenders most likely to hoist the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy in June. Clips of the likes of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James lead into a montage of perennial threats from the Eastern and Western Conferences: Kevin Garnett, Steve Nash, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard and Vince Carter. During the rundown of the teams most likely to secure a playoff bid, Foxx gets off the best joke, observing that while he loves Phoenix, “there are too many vegetarians” on the team.

A debate about the merits of defense versus point production leads the two spokesmen to ditch a red carpet event for an impromptu one-on-one. After each amateur puts up the rock or pivots toward the hoop, the spot cuts to a mirror image of an NBA player making the same move.

The Regal spot ends with the NBA Playoffs and TNT logos and the tag “Win or Go Home.” 

In addition to the theatrical campaign, a series of spot buys will target major NBA markets Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles and Orlando, Fla. Turner will also place NBA Playoffs teasers on its family of nationally distributed cable networks, including TNT, TBS, CNN and truTV. 

“We’re going to start off strong in the run-up to the first round and really push hard to let everyone know that we’re the destination for the NBA Playoffs,” said Christina Miller, svp of Turner Sports strategy/marketing/promotions. “It’s all about sustaining momentum and reaching fans across multiple platforms.”

To that end, social media will play a significant role over the course of TNT’s two-month hoops push. The NBA on TNT Facebook page offers interactive elements (polls, contests), plus a co-branded “Win or Go Home” Playoff picks game that allows fans to challenge friends to predict the outcomes of various stat categories.

Other digital marketing efforts include daily updated videos on the NBA YouTube channel, a take-over on Yahoo Sports’ home page on Wednesday, May 19 and ads posted on relevant sites like, and Yahoo Sports.


Meet & Greet in Manila

Here is an adorable picture of Justin, Timbaland and Jojo during a meet & greet in Manila, courtesy of chabcoyiuto


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Another amazing review of the Manila show

Justin Manila
The wait was excruciating.

The Mall of Asia concert grounds opened hours before the shadow of any foreign artist was seen onstage, but crowds started coming in before the sun had even set to get as close to the stage as possible. They probably had no idea it would be hours before the marquee act would turn up.

The Timbaland Shock Value Tour II featured in-demand producer, rapper and star-maker Timbaland.

PLDT-Smart brought in the Grammy-winning Virginia-native, along with teen singer Jojo and a certain Justin Timberlake (you may have heard of him) as a fundraiser for its corporate foundation. After endless loops of concert sponsors and advertisers were flashed on the big screens, a short video of what the concert was about was shown. Funds raised would help in rehabilitation projects for schools and households affected by typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng. “Special thanks to Timbaland, Jojo and Justin Timberlake,” the end title card of the video flashed.

There was some irony in the fact that a concert that was organized for a worthy cause would be held at the exact same time that the world was celebrating Earth Hour. While millions of homes and commercial establishments switched off for one hour to send a strong message about energy conservation and sustainable practices, a gigantic production involving an untold amount of electrical power was underway.

To be fair though, the concert hosts (composed of eight, yes, eight, different radio deejays) did lecture the crowd about the significance of Earth Hour. The warm-up act, a dance number by popular group the Philippine All Stars, managed to get the crowd worked up, although it took almost another hour before the main act, Timbaland himself, took to the stage at a quarter to 10 p.m., well after the end of Earth Hour.

Timothy Mosley—a.k.a. Timbaland or “Timbo”—ambled onstage amidst grateful applause. “I’m about to put on a show for you all, and I’m very glad to bring it first here to Manila,” he said. With that the stage came to life. Gigantic screens played video and computer graphics in tune with the electronic beats that melded seamlessly with the music from the live band behind the artist. Perhaps those that were in the silver section and farther away may have had a totally different experience, but for those who were close enough, it was nothing short of a sensory overload.

With the eye popping visuals, beats that could be felt, not just heard, Timbaland managed to blur the lines between a hot, thumping dance club and a full-on concert experience. The music traveled from giant speakers straight to the bloodstream, causing limbs to shake, feet to dance, arms to wave and heads to bop. Movement became involuntary. Only deaf people would have been immune to the earth shattering grooves, and even that’s doubtful, as the music made the earth move, literally, and they must have felt the vibrations and would have probably danced along, too.

Doll-faced Jojo, with her shampoo-commercial ready hair, performed a duet with Timbaland midway through his set, and performed her single “Too Little, Too Late” solo. The 20-year-old visibly struggled through parts of the song but was nevertheless rewarded with appreciative howls from the audience. Too bad that was the last the crowd saw of her; it wouldn’t have hurt anyone if she did just one more song.

Timbaland gave off the aura of a skillful conductor ably manipulating his orchestra. He was a master at working the crowd, upping the ante and building up to a monstrous climax. And the payoff at this show was undoubtedly Justin Timberlake. Arguably the biggest male pop star in the world today, the former boy band member first made his presence in the concert felt through teasing voiceovers. There were mad screams then, but when he finally materialized, vocal chords ripped and eardrums shattered. The show may have been Timbaland’s, but there was no denying who audiences really came to see.

Timbaland and Timberlake are frequent collaborators (the former produced the latter’s second album, Futuresex/Lovesounds, as well as many other singles and tracks), and their chemistry onstage was undeniable. Audiences, particularly the females, were in a state of near-ecstasy. But when it was the Grammy-winning singer’s solo turn at the spotlight, there were no complaints. Timberlake performed a limited set (he was after all, only a guest at Timbaland’s show), but audiences appreciated that he did some of his biggest hits, including a very explicit “Cry Me A River,” a slow version of “What Goes Around, Comes Around,” and the grand finale, perhaps the one song that many that night were all waiting to hear. “I retired this song but, f**k it I love you guys so much.” And with that he launched into his massive hit, “Sexy Back.”

If there was anybody there who wasn’t moving before, that ended it. With Timbaland providing backing vocals, JT brought the house down with the song. Fireworks lit up the night sky during the number, but for once, hardly anyone glanced back; all eyes were locked onstage, where the real pyrotechnics was happening. It was an incendiary performance, and even music purists “allergic” to pop must have been feeling it. Unofficial sources pegged the final count that night at the SM MOA at 75,000, and there is little doubt that every single one was bringing “sexy back” or at least, was trying to.

Nobody liked the agonizing delays, but ultimately, JT made sure he was well worth the wait.

source: , thanks Gkay for the heads up!

Exclusive video of Justin performing with Freesol

Check out a complete video of Justin’s performance with Free Sol during the William Rast collection afterparty that took place last month in New York.

A similar direction for the next album, please!

Thanks Gkay for the heads up

More pictures from the Changing Lives Manila Concert

Check out 50 amazing new pictures of the Changing Lives benefit concert that took place last Saturday in Manila.

Justin Timberlake Timbaland

Click here to see the pictures – Cortesy of diegopineda

Also worth mentioning is this spectacular aerial view of the SM Mall of Asia grounds where almost 82000 fans enjoyed the show. (Thanks maxie)


100 pictures in total.

I’m still waiting for even more pictures from another source, so stay tuned to this post.

160 pictures in total

Rob Knox opens about Justin Timberlake


Do you think Justin should go for more of a rock sound for his next album? He has done pop/r&b, pop/elecronica, now it’s time for pop/rock and blow everyone away again.

Rob Knox: We have it in our heads but can’t really talk bout it

I have heard from a reliable source Justin and Rihanna hooked up. Now they are no longer friendly, is that going to affect Y’s working relationship with her? That is why you should never have a fling with your artist!

Rob Knox: Your right. The tabloids also had a “reliable source” and said that Rihanna gave Justin a lap dance in the studio. I don’t know what the hell happened but I just happened to miss the whole entire show in the studio. I was very upset at myself.. Stop listening to everything you hear.

HAHA Usher sold those albums in a time when nobody downloaded his last album flopped JTs future sex love sound sold over 9 milion in a time nobody realy buys albums i think wat JT did is way more impressive.And i am a fan of usher its reality.

Rob Knox: Yes. Your smart and understand. What people also don’t realize is, Justin’s album changed radio. All those ’4 on the floor’ and ‘electro’ sounds you are hearing, was not used in pop, r&b or hip hop records at all. Now every song I hear damn near is STILL using those elements. People can say what they want, but we all know what it is.. Justin, Timbaland and Danja made it hard for everybody to change radio again..

What would you say to Justin when one day his music dont succeed anymore?? How would you consolate him??

Rob Knox: I would say something like this.. “Justin, its ok man. You made a gagillion dollars, you don’t need that anymore. You should just continue w/ your other business endeavors and don’t look back. You gave it a shot and it didn’t work out. Im still here for you as a friend man.”.. And then I would LAUGH MY ASS OFF cuz that will not EVER happen. That guy is just way to good to “NOT SUCCEED”.. Believe that. He’s way too talented and his intuition is crazy. He’ll always be ahead of the game. And Im not saying that because I know him. Just the truth!

Heard there were over 80,000 people for the JT/Timbo concert in Manila. Hope JT understands how much music fans love him and it makes him want to jump in the studio for his own album.

Rob Knox: Trust me he knows.

Who came up with that beat during T.I’s rap on Winner? never heard that done before. i liked it.

Rob Knox: Justin and I did


For those who dont know Rob Knox is part of Justin’s production team “The Y’s” (Justin, Rob Knox, James Fauntleroy)  pictured above.