More details about JT and Jamie Foxx collab

Jamie Foxx and Justin Timberlake have recorded two duets – “Winner” and “Split Personality” – for Foxx’s new album, due for release later this year, Gossip Cop has confirmed.

A representative for Foxx tells Gossip Cop no release date is set yet.

Foxx’s two most recent albums, Unpredictable and Intuition, both went platinum.

We wonder if the Foxx-Timberlake collaboration will be making waves a year from now at the 2011 Grammys!

source: Gossipcop

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Happy Birthday Justin Timberlake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Justin Timberlake is turning 29 today!!!!! and all his fans want to wish Justin a wonderful Happy Birthday.

If you want to leave Justin a birthday message, make sure you tweet him at @jtimberlake

Carry Out has a video director

BOOKED: Timbaland f/ Justin Timberlake – Bryan Barber, director

artist: Timbaland f/ Justin Timberlake
song: “Carry Out”
label: Mosley/Blackground/Interscope
director(s): Bryan Barber
production co: Razor Factory
rep: Labuda Management

Other videos Barber has directed include: Aint no other man (Christina Aguilera), and Hey ya (Outkast)


Justin is still filming 4 “The Social Network”

Last thrusday Justin Timberlake was spotted with fellow co-star Jesse Eisenberg filmin more scenes for “The Social Network”.

Click the image below to see the pictures:


Update: Justin continued to film yesterday. He was being very expressive with his middle finger haha.

Click the image below to see the pictures:


credit: jt4breakfast

High Quality footage of Justin @ HOB

Check out this amazing HQ video of Justin & Timbaland performing “Bounce”, “Promiscuous Girls” and “Lovestoned”. Loved the way they were kinda free styling their way through each song. The beat-boxing was terrific and even though we could only see glimpses of Justin’s dancing, it was enough to remind us of how great of a dancer he is.

Enjoy below:

Now where the hell is the performance of Crazy Girl

New candids

Check out a couple of pictures of Justin leaving the House of Blues venue, after performing with Timbaland on his tour stop in Los Angeles.

He was acompanied by his girlfriend Jessica and his dad.

Click the image below to see the pictures:


Justin joins Timbaland on his Shock Value Tour stop in LA

Timbaland gave fans way more than their money’s worth when his Shock Value II tour touched down at West Hollywood’s< Strip on Friday night (Jan. 29). Drake, Game,, Brandy, SoShy, and Justin all hit the stage for the hottest ticket of Grammy weekend and Rap-Up TV was there to capture it all.

The evening’s special guests got the crowd amped, but no one could outdo Justin Timberlake, who joined Timbo for a 20-minute set of their hits, including “Carry Out,” “SexyBack,” and “My Love.”

I have to go out but when I get back home, I will make sure to update more about this.

Update: Here is the video of Justin & Timbo performing Sexyback and “My Love”:

Also added a couple of pictures to the gallery. Click the image below to see them


I see Justin broke his promise of never singing “Sexyback” again haha… Anyhow these performances bring back such good ol’ memories :)

The Y’s attend “Grammy Career Day”

Justin Timberlake, James Flauntleroy and Rob Knox (aka “The Y’s”) attended the “Grammy Career Day” yesterday.

The Grammy Career Day participants inspire students with an overview of the many career options available in music.

Click the image below to see the pictures:

Grammy stuff

Even though the Grammys will be on Justin’s birthday this year, there’s a buzz he might be there. E! news was showing the seat arrangements for the award show and they had a Justin picture in one of the front rows.  So tune in just in case.

Thanks maxie for the info

Update: Here is a picture showing where Justin will be sitting, should he decides to attend.

Exclusive pictures of Justin & Matt at “The Mint”

Check out some exclusive pictures of Justin & Matt Morris backstage and performing on “The Mint” on January 19.

Click the image below to see the pictures:

Click to view full size image

And here is a Q + A with Matt Morris about Justin:

Q) How did you first meet Justin? First memory/impression of him?

Matt: Justin and I met in Denver, the year before we started working together at Disney. He was enthusiastic and eager to perform – I remember that about him. He had a great sense of humor, too. I knew he’d be chosen to be a cast member. His charisma was undeniable.

Q) Favorite aspect of working with Justin – in studio, performing, etc.?

Matt: Justin and I don’t need to talk much when we’re working; doesn’t matter if we’re in the studio or if we’re writing. Most of our communication is done without words. I really love that. There aren’t many people in the world with whom I have that kind of connection.

Q) What does “Tennman” mean to you? What defines a “Tennman Records” artist?

Matt: Tennman is, for me, a beginning. A platform for sharing my music; a vehicle for reaching people. Its also a community of music lovers, and a support system. The people who create and sustain Tennman share a belief in me and my music, and that belief has been a catalyst for so much positive change in my life.

Q) Best lesson Justin’s taught you? Musically or otherwise?

Matt: Justin taught me to always follow my musical instincts. Instincts are always right – he reminds me of that often.

Q) What’s one funny fact about Justin….?

Matt: Justin used to have posters of sports cars on his wall when he was a kid. I always thought that was kinda funny.

There’s also an article on JT’s official site about Matt’s surreal experience of promoting his album “When Everything Breaks Open” and the chance he had of helping Haiti through music. Click here