LI teen to be honored by Cannon, hang with Timberlake

Leah Stoltz, a 17-year-old senior at Smithtown High School West, had one big surprise this year when actor Nick Cannon showed up at a school pep rally to announce she was one of four teens nationwide who will be honored in the “TeenNick Halo Awards” to be broadcast on Dec. 11.

Stoltz has scoliosis and, when she was 13, she started a support group for other girls who face the same challenge called “The Curvy Girls.”

Cannon handed her tickets for a second surprise – a jaunt to Las Vegas to golf with Justin Timberlake.

“You go through life and something can either be a handicap or it can be the reason you became stronger,” Timberlake said. “Leah uses her obstacle to help other people, she’s like my hero.”

Stoltz was equally floored: “I’m sitting between Justin Timberlake and Nick Cannon, a completely surreal experience that any girl would love.”

Pictures of Justin on set of “The Social Network”

Yesterday Justin was spotted leaving his trailer to film more scenes for “The Social Network”


Later on he was seen leaving the set of the movie with co-star Jesse Eisenberg

LSI see the thin frame glasses are back!!

Thanks jt4breakfast for these

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A Good Morning from Justin Timberlake

How would you feel if you woke up to a good morning by Justin Timberlake ?

Well today you  were able to experience something similar but the cyber fashion way.  Justin logged into his account to wish everybody a good morning.

Justin’s interview with Brian Mcknight

Update: had problems uploading the video. Will try to have it for tomorrow.

Brian Mcknight who has known Justin since he was a little kid, had no words to describe how proud he is of him for all the success he’s achieved during all these years in almost every imaginable field of the entertainment business.
In this interview Justin confesses how his passion for music and movies began in his hometown in Memphis Tennessee and that his mother has helped him to stay grounded despite of the fame he has earned. He also explains that he got interested in golf 7 years ago while touring, and that all his stress goes away when playing the game.

Check the interview below, I haven’t seen one like this in a while, it’s very interesting:

Note: The video is still being uploaded to youtube, so it will be a while before you can actually play it.

Youtube was totally unfriendly to me last night, so I had to upload it to dailymotion, sorry for the long wait and enjoy

New Rihanna track “Hole in my head”

What a nice surprise!!

The UK edition of Rihanna’s album “Rated R” includes a bonus track called “Hole in my head” that features Justin Timberlake doing background vocals.

Ckeck it out below it’s pretty good:

Download Hole in my head

Justin Timberlake to Star on ‘Family Guy’

Justin Timberlake is visiting the Griffin family in Quahog, Rhode Island! reports the performer was in a recording studio in L.A. on Friday to voice an episode of “Family Guy.”

Click here to see more photos of Justin

“Justin was quiet, seemed professional — he was in and out,” a source tells the mag. “He seems like he’s got a great sense of humor so I’m sure he did an awesome job on the show.”

No word yet on when the “Family Guy” episode will air.

Timberlake, 28, also lent his voice to “Shrek the Third” and played himself in an episode of “The Simpsons” in 2001.

Justin leaving Voyeur nightclub

Last night Justin Timberlake was spotted leaving Voyeur night club with some friends.

Click the image below to see the pictures:

Justin leaving Voyeur nightclub

Thanks for the pics =)

Justin to be on Brian Mignight show

Brian Midnight posted on his twitter account that he recently did an interview with  Justin.

And apparently this is going to air this weekend. Click here to see the schedules for the show. They vary according to the area you live.

Will keep you posted. Thanka maxie for the heads up.

Crazy Girl (Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake)

Uff I thought this track was never gonna see the light of the day, since apparently it didn’t make the cut on Shock Value II.

What a waste cause the song is super sick.

But here it is, in all it’s HQ glory:

Download Crazy Girl (Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake)