Jay Sean talks Justin Timberlake

Jay Sean has revealed that he recently struck up a friendship with Justin Timberlake.

The British R&B star, who topped the US Billboard Hot 100 with Lil Wayne collaboration ‘Down’, said that Timberlake offered him advice about securing a successful career in the music industry.

“Last week I performed with Justin alongside Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys,” he told the Daily Star.

“The charity concert was called ‘Justin and Friends’ and he chose everyone he wanted to perform with.

“It was very flattering because I’m a huge Justin fan. He told me he liked that I seemed a grounded dude and hoped that I’d stay like that.

“I said, ‘I will bro. I’ve been doing this for a while and you see a lot of crap along the way which balances you out’.”

source: digitalspy

“Carry Out” – Timbaland feat Justin Timberlake

What an excellent way to start the weekend!!

“Carry Out” Justin’s collaboration for Timbaland’s Shock Value II which is due in stores on December 8, has hit the cyberspace.

The song is a fast food/carry out metaphor about sex, and has Justin singing most of the time, which is awesome. I specially like the verses cause he’s kinda rapping on them. Not to mention that the beat is hot as hell.

Download here

So what do you guys think of Carry Out ?

Justin Timberlake Inks Tequila Deal With Live Nation

Justin Timberlake is everywhere. He’s in our iPods, on our televisions, starring in our movies and playing through on our golf courses. Now Timberlake will be at our concert venues whether he’s performing or not. According to Billboard, Timberlake has signed a deal with Live Nation to make his 901 Tequila the official tequila sponsor at clubs, arenas and amphitheaters across the country. It’s the first time Live Nation has entered into this sort of deal for something as specific as tequila, and it’s possible it could lead to more business between Timberlake and Live Nation.

Though their artist-signing bonanza from two years ago has quieted down significantly, Live Nation remains one of the new powers in music management and distribution. To date, the massive music promotion company has signed mult-platinum deals with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Madonna, U2, Jay-Z, Nickelback and Shakira. It would make sense for Timberlake to team up with Live Nation down the road, as he is one of the most lucrative touring entities in pop (his last tour in 2007 grossed $127 million).

Then again, it might just be another business deal for Timberlake, who has diversified so well that he is often mentioned in the same conversation with multi-platform moguls like Diddy and Jimmy Buffett. Besides the tequila, Timberlake owns his own golf course, three restaurants and a clothing line.

source: mtv

More Play Promo ?

According to Dj and producer Ivan Corraliza (aka Ill Factor) who appears to be the producer behind the music for the first “Play” promo photo shoot and who has also worked on Justin’s Future Sex Love Sounds Album, there’s going to be more promo for the perfume. Check his latest blog below:

Whats up everyone, hope you guys are doing well.
Just finished doing the music to Justin Timberlake’s new fragrance commercial called Play by Givenchy. This shoot will be having Justin on the Eiffel Tower jamming to some music which begins to light up the whole town.

Before shooting the video they needed me to create the music that will be lighting up all of Paris. You can also get a glimpse of the first promo for Justin’s fragrance i also did the music too at the Givenchy website.

Sounds awesome!!

Going to Jim Henson studios to do vocal for Shrek 4

Justin Timberlake will play once again Prince Artie on Shrek the 4th. He was spotted going into Jim Henson studios to lend his vocals for the animated role.

Click the image below to see the pictures:

picture credit: jt4breakfast

Justin leaving Dominicks restaurant – Oct 24

Let’s try something different!
I will post the news from the original picture source and then I’ll “change” them a little bit, just to prove that some media sites talk rubbish most of the time:


We spotted Jessica Biel showing a lot of leg on the set of the A-Team in Vancouver yesterday,
Meanwhile, bf Justin Timberlake was spotted taking another woman to dinner at Dominick’s in West Hollywood.
Don’t worry though folks – it looked very much like a business dinner and despite all the rumors,
Jess and JT’s romance is definitely still ON.

source: InfoDaily.com


We spotted Jessica Biel showing a lot of leg on the set of the A-Team in Vancouver yesterday,
Meanwhile, bf Justin Timberlake was spotted taking his cousin Rachael to dinner at Dominick’s in West Hollywood.
Dont worry folks, Justin is not going out with another woman and despite all the rumors that blogs like InfoDaily tend to start Jess and Jt’s romance is definitely still on.

source: timberlake-justin.com

Yep that sounds better, and the best part is that it is the real story!!

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Justin gets restraining order against stalker

Justin Timberlake was granted a temporary restraining order on Friday against a woman his attorney described as an obsessed stalker, court records show.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Cunningham III granted the “SexyBack” singer the protective order against Karen J. McNeil, 48.

Timberlake’s attorney, Evan Spiegel, described McNeil in court filings as a “mentally unstable celebrity stalker.” The papers state McNeil was placed in protective psychiatric custody by police after she trespassed at the singer’s home on Thursday.

McNeil’s actions have “become much more alarming and her motivation and obsession have become more ominous, intrusive and threatening,” according to the filings.

The records said it’s the third time McNeil has showed up at Timberlake’s home and that she may be homeless. She left a letter characterized as “bizarre” during a trip to the singer’s home in June, the records show.

Attempts to find a phone number for McNeil were unsuccessful.

Cunningham will consider whether to grant a three-year restraining order at a Nov. 9 hearing.

Timberlake, 28, has won multiple Grammy Awards for songs such as “SexyBack” and “Cry Me a River.” His petition for a restraining order does not seek protection for anyone else.

source: reuters. More details here

That sounds scary. Good that he got a restraining order against that crazy woman!

Justin & Jessica in Vancouver Canada – Oct 21

With their tight agendas, it’s been hard for Justin and Jessica to spend some time together  these last days.

But Justin flew all the way to Vancouver Canada where Jessica is shooting her movie “A-team” to visit her.

Yesterday, they were spotted taking a stroll arm in arm after having lunch at vegetarian restaurant Naam.

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More JT Shriners stuff

Thanks so much to BJ Cogley for sharing her pictures of the “JT Shriners” concert and afterparty.

Click the image below to see them:

If you would like to send your pictures, videos and stories from “Shriners week” please e-mail me at timberlake_justinfans@hotmail.com

Also added some backstage pictures of Justin with TLC, Snoop and Taylor Swift:

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And check out this video of Justin and the friends talking about their involvement with the “JT Shriners concert”: