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I’m going to ask a fellow webmaster friend of mine to post some news from time to time but I don’t promise anything. Updates should be back to normal around August 13.

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Justin plays golf at Mirimichi

After doing a press conference for the opening of the Mirimichi golf course, Justin hit the links to play an inauguration game.

Click the image below to see the pictures:

credit: JT4breakfast

Mirimichi Press Conference Screencaptures

I’ve added a lot of screen captures of Justin Timberlake at the Press conference for the opening of the Mirimichi Golf Course.

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Esmee Denters interview on RWD Magazine

Esmee Denters graces the August cover of RWD Magazine. Featured in the issue is a very interesting interview in which she talks about her career, the ups and downs of being in the music industry, Michael Jackson, and other music related topics.

She also speaks a lot about Justin, revealing among other things, details about their sessions in the studio while making her album “Outta here” and the lessons she’s learned from having him as a label boss.

Check out some excerpts of the interview below:

Signing to Justin Timberlake, working with the likes of Stargate (if you don’t know them, Google is you), playing shows around the world… how has life been for you over the last year?

It’s been amazing. It’s a dream come true; this is something I really wanted and I’m really excited that everything’s happening. There’s a couple of things that have been hard to believe have actually happened. Of course, signing to Justin’s label, Tennman Records, was a real highpoint, and then when I was asked to be on The Oprah Show, it was amazing. Sometimes I go on YouTube and watch parts of it and it’s still crazy to think I was on Oprah. That was always my thing when I was younger, I’d tell all my friends ‘One day I’ll be on Oprah.’ They told me I was crazy, but…

Tell us about the single, Outta Here?

Well we had already done pretty much all of the album, and then I heard this amazing song. Jimmy Iovine heard it and said it should be my first single. So I flew back to LA to record the song with Polow Tha Don, and then Justin started working on it with me. I felt like it was a great representation of my record because there are so many different styles in it. In the beginning it has this rock/pop feel, then it goes into R&B and then at the end you get this dance sound. I thought it was a great first single because the album is a mixture of styles and this song really reflects that.

What is your favourite memory of making the album, Outta Here with Justin?

I think the first song we wrote together, Gravity. It’s one of my favourite songs on the album. We went in the studio and it was an amazing experience because he was so open to hearing what I had to say. It was me and him on the same level, writing together.

What do you think Justin saw in you as an artist?

I think he heard about me as the YouTube girl and was interested to see what else I could do (Esmée clocked up over 45m hits online by doing cover versions). He asked to meet me, and so I met him after one of his shows in Chicago. I was very nervous, but he was really nice. There was a big piano there and I played How Come You Don’t Call Me by Prince. A month later he decided to sign me.

Do you get starstruck being around him?

Not anymore because we’ve been working together for a while now. He’s a really cool, down-to-earth guy so I’m used to being around him. Then again, every time he comes in and starts writing and producing, it’s like ‘Wow.’ He’s such a huge talent and it’s amazing to be around him.

What can you tell us about him, that we might not know already?

Well, he’s such a funny guy. He jokes around all day, so it’s fun to be around him; he imitates people all day long.

What lessons have you learnt from having J.T. as a label boss?

There are so many advantages to having an artist at the label helm, especially one with such success and a proven track record. His vision as a businessman and artist really compliment each other and it’s something that gives me tremendous freedom and power as an artist. That is the exact balance I am looking for in my career and he definitely shares that vision.

How about the other side of celebrity; the paparazzi, the scandals, the pressure to stay slim etc.

Well, I’m not really into that. I’ve never even smoked a cigarette and I don’t really drink, so that thing of ‘falling out of clubs’ hasn’t affected me. Being sexy too; you don’t necessarily have to be the person that you are on stage or for the media. If I don’t feel comfortable, I definitely won’t do anything I don’t want to do.

Finally, what are your hopes for the future?

I’d love to make more albums, I’d love to go to The Grammy’s… But really, so much has already happened so quickly; all these things I’ve dreamt about, started happening, so I hope it keeps going. I’ve put everything into my music and making this album the best it can be; hopefully people will like it, and I’ll be going strong in one year, five years, ten. Right now I’m living in a dreamland, and I definitely don’t want to wake up.

The single Outta Here, is out on 17 August, the album, Outta Here, is out 24 August. Esmeeworld.com

Michael Jackson Tribute:

I was in London when I heard. I turned on the TV and at first I couldn’t believe it. I went to bed that night, and when I woke up I really thought I’d just dreamt it. Of course, I hadn’t and it was just a real shock. I was really saddened by it. His music will live on forever though. His body of work is incredible. I met with Justin in Berlin the other day and we spoke about it. Michael was a big inspiration to Justin as well, so we’re all so sad.

You can read the whole interview here. The RWD Magazine is available in the UK.

Exclusive Interview With Justin About the Mirimichi Golf Course

Justin and his family are preparing for the opening of their new golf course, Mirimichi, which is located 20 minutes outside Memphis, this weekend. In preparation, we chatted with Justin about the course’s design and eco-friendly qualities, as well as his favorite hole.

Mirimichi opens to the public this Saturday, July 25th.

How does it feel now that Mirimichi is officially opening?

It’s a hoot for me to have it and it’s an awesome feeling to give it back to the community. Hopefully, it will be something good for the Mid-South – not just Memphis – but for the whole Mid-South. Hopefully, people will hear about this public course in Memphis that is a gem and they’ll come and pay $60 bucks for a cart, range balls and full 18 with a caddy.

Can you talk about the environmental features of Mirimichi?

We stumbled upon the environmental thing. We had to gut it and re-irrigate the course and I just said, in re-irrigating this, is it possible to reuse the water in a way that would zero out our ecological footprint. And as it turns out, you actually can make a golf course eco-friendly.

Did you participate in the design any of the courses?

It was very cohesive between my dad and my mom and myself and Talent golf (who built the course.) There are little things on the course that I think are going to make it special in the years to come and unique to everyone who plays it.

The way I always judged if I really love a course and if it’s really a great course is, after I’ve finished playing it, how many holes out of the 18 do I remember. My dad does the same thing. That’s why I think Pebble Beach will always be a highly-rated course because you can remember every hole in that course after you play it.

I think we’ve put together a layout that is very strong. I don’t feel like one hole looks like another hole. I feel like every hole is so unique to itself, and that’s what, in my opinion, makes Mirimichi an amazing golf course.

Is there a particular place or hole that is special to you on the course?

I guess I would have to say hole 10. Because back when it was called Big Creek, my dad taught me how to hit a golf ball there; that was the first golf hole I ever played. It’s completely redone now, it’s a completely different hole but it’s still like I remember being 10-years-old and being out there and him going, “This is how you swing your club,” which is cool.

source: justintimberlake.com

Mirimichi Golf Course Article + Press Conference + Some Pictures

Click the image above to see the pictures

Justin Timberlake has been a hit as a pop music, TV and movie star, but he’s apparently not ready for City Hall.

Asked by a reporter today if he’d be willing to end Memphis’ political turmoil by running for mayor, Timberlake sputtered and smiled and put forth a different candidate. “I’d be the first to appoint my dad,” he said, referring to stepfather Paul Harless. “His record is way cleaner than mine.”

Timberlake may not have political ambitions, but the 28-year-old former Millington resident and “SexyBack” singer was happy to be described as “an ambassador and a champion for the city of Memphis” as he introduced his new eco-friendly, state-of-the-art Mirimichi golf course to the media this morning.

The par-72 course at 6195 Woodstock Cuba Rd. in Millington opens for public play Saturday.

“Mirimichi” reportedly is a Native American term for “place of happy retreat,” and today’s lovefest of a hometown press conference – which took place just north of the 18th green, on a handsome wooden deck where an outdoor bar and fireplace will be built – must have had a “Mirimichi” vibe for Timberlake. He’s used to dealing with invasive paparazzi and entertainment journalists more interested in his “(Expletive) in a Box” than his holes-in-one.

“I think this is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of in my life,” Timberlake said of Mirimichi.

Timberlake invested some $16 million in the course, which was the first in the country to be certified as a “classic sanctuary” by Audubon International, in recognition of the course’s “environmentally sustainable” design, which is intended to make it as friendly for wildlife and native plants as for golfers.

Only about 85 of the facility’s 200 acres are “mowable” turf; the rest has been given over to “native grasses,” according to Rich Peterson, Mirmichi general manager.

Said Timberlake: “I was able to pose the question, is it possible for a golf course to actually be ‘green’?”

Asked if Timberlake had done much “hands-on” work at Mirimichi, Randy Wilson – designer of the course, with Mike MacElhose – said: “The deal was, if he taught us how to dance, we would teach him how to run a bulldozer.”

Originally “beanfield farmland,” according to Mirimichi director of golf Greg King, the area has a lot of history for the Timberlake family. Paul and Lynn Harless (Timberlake’s mother) held their wedding reception at the Woodstock Hills Country Club that once occupied the site. Timberlake added: “Right there on the 10th tee is where I hit my first golf ball ever, when it was Big Creek.”

Paul Harless – a partner in the course with his wife and Timberlake – said Mirmichi is more than just another golf course. Thanks to Timberlake’s involvement and its eco-friendly design, it is expected to attract “national tourists” to Memphis, he said, and to “promote and contribute to the economic growth of Memphis.”

In recognition of this desire, Mayor Willie Herenton issued a proclamation declaring July 24 “Paul Harless Day” in Memphis. Special assistant Pete Aviotti, who attended today’s event to represent Herenton, said the declaration was historic because it would be Herenton’s last such proclamation.

Timberlake – dressed in conservative golf attire, including black slacks and a white shirt with black trim – said it wasn’t hard to decide to build a course in Millington rather than, say, Los Angeles.

“I could care less about celebrity,” he said. “This is where I grew up, and this is home … and it always will be for me. Any time you can give back to that and get 18 holes in, it’s a win-win.”

Said Lynn Harless: “We are so proud of Mirimichi and what we’ve created here. I was just equating it to birthing a new baby.”

Added Timberlake: “I’d like to say that I know nothing about birthing babies. That should cover the press for about two weeks, all over the world.”

Press Conference Justin held today about the golf course:

The golf course opens officially tommorow.

Esmee Denters doing promo in the USA

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

To all my U.S. fans, after spending the summer touring Europe with Enrique Iglesias and Ne-Yo, I have finally arrived in the U.S.! I am so excited to be here :-) My debut album “Outta Here” is scheduled to be released here in the U.S. soon. Over the next few weeks, I am going to be visting different cities in the U.S. and making some radio and TV appearances. I may also perform some songs on-air! My schedule is subject to change so stay tuned to my Twitter @esmeeworld for all the latest updates! If I have some free time, I would love to meet some of you! Here is my current schedule, if you are in any of these cities, let me know!

7/23 – Philadelpha/Allentown

8:45AM  Good Day Philly Acoustic Performance

7/24 – Wilmington/Rockville

7/27 – New York, NY/Long Island/Poughkeepsie

7/28 – Nashville, TN

7/29 – Milwaukee/Chicago

7/30 – Minneapolis, MN

7/31 – Indianapolis, IN

8/3  – Salt Lake City, UT

8/4 – Phoenix, Tucson

8/5 – San Francisco, Sacramento

8/6 – San Diego, Riverside

8/7 – Los Angeles, CA

One last thing, I just started a photostream on Flickr, which I hope to update often. Add me on Flickr here!

Big Kiss :-)


source: esmeeworld.com

Esmee Denters in signed to Justin Timberlake’s record label Tennman Records

901 Tequila contest

memphisflyer.com is doing a 901 Tequila contest. They are asking people to create a cocktail recipe with the drink. The most inventive cocktail will win a prize.

Email your cocktail recipes and pictures here and check back at Hungry Memphis to see the results.

Good luck guys!!  and thanks maxie for the link

Are JT & Ciara making Love Sex Music Again?

Seems like it!!

According to an article published by The New York Observer, Ciara is back in the studio with Justin Timberlake.

The news leaked by accident, when Devorah Rose, the editor of Social Life Magazine explained the absence of Ciara at a recent party for the magazine, which she’s currently on the cover of.

Ms. Rose was quoted saying:

“Ciara is a really big superstar and she has a very hectic schedule, and she has several different management companies that handle her as well as a press company, and basically what they had said was that she at she got an opportunity to go into the recording studio with Justin Timberlake and sometimes in a list of priorities, attending an event and recording an event is going to trump that. That said, we usually have all of the cover girls come out, but when you’re dealing with an international star, it’s handled a little differently.

OMG let this be true!! And I once remember Ciara saying that she was willing to return the favor to JustinInteresting!!!

Funny article: Superheroes Justin Timberlake Should Play

Justin Timberlake must be some kind of mutant. The man can sing, dance and act (if his recent Emmy nomination is any indication), and he was recently in the running to play superhero Green Lantern, before he lost out on the part to superhero hog Ryan Reynolds, who has already played Hannibal King in Blade Trinity and Deadpool in Wolverine, and was recently given a Deadpool spin-off.

If JT is interested in playing a superhero — and Reynolds will give someone else a frickin’ chance (Double-R backlash!) — we think he should keep trying. In fact, we’ve come up with a batch of comic book characters that we think Timberlake would be perfect for.

The Flash (Justice League)
Hero to Hire: Reynolds once expressed interest in the role of the Fastest Man Alive, although which incarnation would have made it to the screen is a mystery. (The most famous one was a forensic scientist who merged with the Speed Force when he was struck by lightning in his lab.) There have been several Flashes in the DC Universe, and most of them could go toe-to-toe with Superman in terms of speed.
What Would JT Do? The man has some lightning-fast dance moves, a slim runner’s physique and he seems to make an appearance on Saturday Night Live every 4.5 seconds.

Plastic Man (Justice League)
Hero to Hire: Former criminal “Eel” O’Brien was a slippery customer before a chemical accident left him with a rubbery body and an even more rubbery brain. Now a Justice League member, the manic shapeshifter can turn into anything, as long as it’s the color of his skin and his red leotard, and he wears some pretty dope goggles.
What Would JT Do? Possessed of a manic energy on stage, Timberlake has already assumed the shape of a giant omelet, a soup can and a breast implant in his “dueling mascots” sketches on SNL.

Batroc the Leaper (Captain America)
Hero to Hire: Named for his gravity-defying kicking technique, the amoral Batroc is a master of the French martial art of savate, and was clashing with Captain America since before hating the French was cool. A mercenary, he works for the highest bidder and occasionally heads up his own team of villains-for-hire, known as Batroc’s Brigade.
What Would JT Do? Timberlake nailed the French accent and the preposterous mustache in The Love Guru, and that’s one part of the movie we actually wouldn’t mind seeing more of. Plus, the dude leaps, like, all the time.

Dazzler (X-Men)
Hero to Hire: Allison Blaire is a singer as well as a mutant, who can turn sound into light of varying intensities, from blinding flashes to deadly lasers. As a pop star, she uses her powers to put on “dazzling” light shows, but she also wants to act. Her attempts to break into Hollywood got their own graphic novel, titled Dazzler: The Movie.
What Would JT Do? Although the comic version of Dazzler is a woman, she’s not so iconic that her gender can’t be changed for the screen. Besides, the role is perfect for Timberlake — a blonde, bubbly singer whose on-stage persona is also his superhero identity? Who loves music and puts on a great show but also wants to be taken seriously as an actor? It’s the part he was born to play!

source: nbcphiladelphia.com , thanks maxie for the link.