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William Rast window at COLLETTE, Paris

Just to remember our french visitors that COLETTE, Paris is now displaying an entire window for William Rast until July 5th. The store will be offering exclusive styles from the “New America” denim and collection pieces launched last February during New York Fashion week.

If you are more into online shopping, COLETTE also has a page where you can make all you William Rast purchases. Click here to check it out.

What William Rast looks for in a girl

Also, read below a little interview done by Vogue U.K,  which will be of a great interest for the girls. Justin reveals what he looks for in a girl when creating the William Rast designs for them:

MILLIONS of girls around the world would ask Justin Timberlake the same question if confronted with the opportunity to chat with the musician-cum-designer – what do you look for in a girl – or rather in designing for a girl? And Timberlake – who has previously named girlfriend Jessica Biel as his muse for the William Rast womenswear collection – was happy to reveal his type of woman.

“The collection is really for the kind of girls we like,” a softly spoken Timberlake told VOGUE.COM yesterday. “When creating the collection we were thinking of girls like Carré Otis, Debbie Harry; a real sexy tomboy girl who looks good without trying.”

Last night saw the grand unveiling of Timberlake, and co-founder and best friend Trace Ayala’s, William Rast label in London’s Selfridges. Despite the label’s current global expansion, and critically-acclaimed New York Fashion Week show, the designers confess they are still finding their feet.

“It is a young label, for sure,” Ayala admitted. “We’re still creating collections to establish the William Rast DNA. But honestly, I think we came along at exactly the right time; if we had launched any later or any earlier we would have been dead. As it is we are young enough that we are a fresh brand for suppliers, but established enough that they can trust us in this economy. We’ve been very lucky.”

“I don’t really think of myself as a singer more than an actor, or an entertainer more than a designer,” Timberlake – who confessed he is “extremely happy” with the way things are progressing for the brand so far – added. “The collection is an extension of what I do as an artist.”

William Rast is now available at Selfridges.

Justin Timberlake On Michael Jackson: He ‘Was The Baddest!’

Listen to any Justin Timberlake song or look at any of his videos, and it is clear that the singer has been heavily influenced by Michael Jackson, who passed away on Thursday. Not only has Timberlake been influenced by him, but he has also had the honor of performing with him.

Timberlake reflected on the times — like when Jackson performed with ‘NSYNC at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards — he shared with the pop legend.

“The thing about Michael is the memories,” he told MTV U.K. “I’m lucky enough to have memories — actually, physically — with him onstage and off.”

Timberlake went on to describe the outpouring of emotion for Jackson from friends and fans a “testament to how big a deal it is, obviously, because he’s created so many cultural photos in people’s minds with his music that he was and always will be the king of pop.

“To create the things that he created with his music is untouchable. He opened the minds of the world to be able to do that through his music… [it's] a feat not accomplished by many people, maybe only a handful of people. I don’t think anyone ever did it like him.

He went on to echo a statement he made late last week about Jackson, saying, “He opened the minds of people about music. He opened the minds of people about culture. Even if it was this much in your conscious, he helped with segregation. His music did that and not a lot of people can say that. Michael was the baddest!”

source: mtv, thank you maxie for the heads up

Click here to see more videos of Justin talking about Michael.

Justin interviewed by GMTV London

Justin Timberlake & Trace Ayala were interviewed by GMTV London at the launching of the Fall Collection of William Rast in Selfridges.

Justin talks about how they get the inspiration for the designs of the brand. He also reveals that his girlfriend Jessica Biel loves the jeans so much and is constantly asking for a new pair.

JT ended the interview with some really nice words about Michael Jackson:

“Michael was a huge influence…there’s something about Michael and his presentation of his music that I think influenced the world – it opened the minds of the world. I don’t think anyone could present a song better than he could.

I think there’s a million songs that have been written over time that are amazing works of art, but there’s something about Michael’s stage presence that will never, ever, ever be duplicated. And there’s really only one Michael Jackson.”

Watch below:

Picture Updates

I’ve added more pictures of Justin Timberlake at the Selfridges Fashion Show. He looked like he was having a blast :)

Click each image below to see them:


At the Runaway


These pics are actually of him at Guy Richie’s haunt “The PunchBowl” in Mayfair London.

thanks jt4breakfast

Exclusive Andy Samberg Interview

Having collaborated with Justin on their now infamous D*ck in A box and Mother Lover skits, SNL comedian Andy Samberg apparently knows Justin pretty well by now (though probably not as well as he knows JT’s mom….) Hence, we thought it was appropriate to get the low-down from Andy on working with JT:

1. Q: What’s the creative process like when Justin stops by the show?

Andy: Everything comes to a screeching halt and we just sit in a room and watch Justin dance. He’s really good. It inspires us.

2. Q: What do you think of Justin’s comedy chops?

Andy: I adore them. They’re my third favorite chops.

3. Q: Did he improve much?

Andy: There’s essentially no improv during the show itself once it starts because we’re blocking it live, but he certainly adds jokes in as the week progresses. So in that way you could say yes, he totally “StinProvs”, which is the word improv mixed with the end of the word Justin. Soooo….

4. Q: What ideas made him laugh really hard?

Andy: I asked him if I could borrow like 10 grand. He found that idea hilarious because he knows I’m not good for it.

5. Q: What’s Justin’s best celebrity impression?

Andy: I’m partial to Michael McDonald.

6. Q: What’s your favorite Justin song?

Andy: Justin is a singer???!!!!!!

source: justintimberlake.com

William Rast is Expanding its European presence

LOS ANGELES – (Business Wire) People’s Liberation, Inc., (OTCBB:PPLB) the designer of high-end casual apparel under the brand names William Rast™, J.Lindeberg™ and People’s Liberation™, announced today the company’s plan to expand the William Rast brand in Europe, commemorating the occasion with major launch events in three European cities: London, Berlin and Paris. William Rast, the “New America” denim-culture brand, was founded by business partners Trace Ayala and Justin Timberlake in 2005.

“This is a great opportunity for us to work closely with our European distribution and retail partners to build upon the growing enthusiasm for the William Rast brand in Europe, and to leverage the success we have had in the U.S.,” said People’s Liberation CEO Colin Dyne.

On July 29th
Today, at SELFRIDGES in London, William Rast showcased its Fall 09 collection with a fashion show, and an appearance by brand co-founders Trace Ayala and Justin Timberlake. Additionally, the brand will be displayed in custom designed pop-up shops, located respectively in the women’s contemporary area on the 2nd floor, and in the men’s 1st floor casual department.

In Berlin, at the BREAD & BUTTER trade show July 1-3, William Rast will present their new Spring-Summer ‘10 collection, as well as a newly expanded denim offering that includes a selection of more accessibly priced styles and washes. On the first night of the show, July 1st , William Rast will hold a VIP party, hosted by the brand co-founders at the Berlin Tempelhof airport.

To complete the celebration of the brand’s expansion in Europe, COLETTE, Paris, will dedicate an entire window to William Rast from June 28th – July 5th , and offer exclusive styles from the “New America” denim and collection pieces launched last February during New York Fashion week.
The theme of the pop-up shop and window concepts is based on the brands’ DNA, utilizing a recycled kraft paper construction, also used for the brand’s marketing collateral, branding and product labeling. The recycled kraft paper concept, combined with visually strong graphics, gives the consumer a true William Rast experience in the temporary shops. The window and pop-up shops were engineered in collaboration with acclaimed architectural firm, Johnston Marklee, Los Angeles (JML).

source: earthtimes.org

Justin & Trace launch William Rast Fall Collection at Selfridges

Justin Timberlake and BFF/business partner Trace Ayala attend a fashion show to launch the label William Rast’s Fall 2009 collection at London’s Selfridges department store on Monday (June 29).

The denim-culture brand, which is now going global, will be displayed in custom designed pop-up shops, located respectively in the Selfridges women’s contemporary area on the 2nd floor, and in the men’s 1st floor casual department.

Click the image below to see the pictures:

Check out a picture of the new William Rast pop up shop at Selfridges. It looks dope!!

Justin said to be planning tribute for Michael Jackson

Tour promoters AEG are hoping to fill some of Michael Jackson’s 50 concert dates at the O2 Arena with a tribute gig to the star.

According to a report in the Sun, Justin Timberlake, Diana Ross, Paul McCartney, Beyonce Knowles, Usher, Michael’s nephews 3T and Leona Lewis have been approached for a tribute concert.

Michael Jackson’s 50-date tour This Is It was due to start in two weeks at the 20,000 capacity O2 Arena.

source:In the news UK

Also there are rumors that Justin will be paying a tribute to Michael at tonights  BET Awards in Los Angeles. It’s strange ’cause he was still in London last night, but reports say that he was trying to get a last minute flight to catch up with the show. Or maybe his tribute will be videotaped ? Nothing is confirmed, guess we will have to wait and see.

The awards are hosted by Jamie Foxx and will air on the BET channel at 8:00 pm.

He never left London.

Leaving Nobu restaurant – June 27

Last night, Justin Timberlake was photographed leaving Nobu restaurant in London accompanied by his bodyguard.

As he made his way out, he took the time to sign an autograph for a young fan. How nice!

Click the image below to see the pictures:

credit goes to j4breakfast for the pictures

Justin attends Day 6 of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship – June 27

Today, Justin was in a happier mood as he watched the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

He was accompanied by his cousin Rachael and his bff Trace Ayala.

Click the image below to see the pictures:

Glad to see that he was having a great time!!