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A Bollywood collaboration in the works ?

Small time B-town sensations seem to be making a big impression on Western entertainers. After the almost achiever Shiney Ahuja cracked his way into Hollywood, it’s filmdom’s underrated star, Shahid Kapur , who has become the latest desi actor to jump on the Hollywood bandwagon as he gears up to boogie with pop sensation Justin Timberlake.

So what if his acting skills are yet to find takers, Shahid’s dancing finesse is taking him places. Buzz has it that the actor is on the threshold of signing a prominent project that will have him shaking a leg with Justin Timberlake .

Story goes that Justin`s choreographer and good pal Marty Kudelka, who was recently in Mumbai to choreograph Shahid for a song in Ken Ghosh`s film ‘Yahoo’, was so impressed by the actor’s dancing skills that he is working to get him to boogie alongside Justin in his next music video.

Marty, it seems, is all praises for Shahid. Apparently, the two had hit it off quite well ever since they came together for the project. Marty had even told a news daily, “Shahid is one of the best dancers I have come across and he picks up the moves really fast.” Sources also confirm that after Marty went back to US, he spoke about Shahid to Justin, who seems to have given his nod to working with the actor.

source: bollywoodpoptat

Beyonce thanks Justin for the “Single Ladies” SNL parody

Beyonce recently did a photo shoot to appear on the cover of Self Magazine. During the photo shoot she filmed a behind the scenes interview in which she thanks Justin Timberlake for drawing so much attention to her single “Single Ladies” with the parody they did of the video on SNL where Justin appeared as one of the dancers wearing leotards and high heels.

Who can forget that SNL skit, haha so hilarious.

Dream Season: 23 & 24

The one-hour special which is narrated by Justin Timberlake focuses on Kobe and LeBron’s pursuit of an NBA championship while forging a friendship reminiscent of past basketball greats. Through exclusive access to the Lakers and Cavs, Dream Season: 23 & 24 presented by NIKE provides viewers with never-before-seen footage of Bryant’s and James’ remarkable season.

You can watch the complete episode of the Dream Season: 23 & 24 Documentary here.

My little review of “Outta Here”

Esmee Denter’s debut album “Outta here” gets released tomorrow in Europe. I was able to listen the songs and they are amazing. All of you who are able to go and buy the album, go ahead, you wont be disappointed. Not only her voice is flawless but every single track is packed with very catchy hooks and melodies. There’s fast tempo, mid tempo and also slow songs, it’s a very rich album, and you can tell how much input Justin had on it, he definitely put his touch in the production of the songs and also contributed vocals in a great number of them.

Below you can have a taste of 2 of the stand out tracks of the album, and my personal favorites. “Love Dealer” which is almost like a duet with Justin Timberlake. It has killer dance hook and  is definitely a song for the clubs.  The second one is “Bigger than the world” a spacey mid-tempo song which caught my attention since the time when it was released as a demo sang by Justin. Esmee sings this song in such a beautiful way and once again demonstrates her great vocal ability.

“Outta here” definitely proves why Justin chose her to be part of his label Tennman records. The girl has talent and I hope she becomes a big artist with a long & successful career.

Note: I will have this download link up just for a short period of time. If the songs need to be removed please send an email to and I will remove them straight away.

Kanye West calls Justin the new Michael Jackson

One thing you have to say for Kanye West: His stream-of-consciousness thoughts tend to lead to interesting places. On Wednesday, he somehow managed to transition from talking about the low aesthetic quality of paparazzi photographs to saying that Justin Timberlake is the new Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne is the new Jimi Hendrix, Jay-Z is the new Frank Sinatra and more — all in less than 150 words! Check out Kanye’s blog here, and the post (as usual in all-caps, which we’ve put into sentence case) right here, which accompanies a classy paparazzi shot of Rihanna:

“Fresh a– picture!!! Yo why can’t all paparazzi photos be this good? Well obviously because most celebs just aren’t Rihanna LOL! … But on the real, this pic is hardcore. Peep the perspective shot of the city in the back. Sometimes the paps overexpose the lens or have the flash too high taking all the emotion out of the moment. This moment is captured in time now. I look at our current superstars like legends in the making … Like Justin is the new Mike, Beyoncé’s the new Tina Turner, [Lady] Gaga’s Madonna, Jay is Sinatra … Wayne is Hendrix, [Radiohead's] Thom Yorke is [Pink Floyd's] Roger Waters, these are the champions and should be documented as such. That said, it would be dope if the paps operated with the same integrity and attention to their craft as the legends they photograph … Good job on this one!”

p.s: Idk if I’ll call Justin exactly the new Michael Jackson, perhaps the new “King of Pop” would be a better tittle =)

Justin & Rihanna to collaborate again ?

Rihanna reportedly has approached Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z to get helping hands for her new album. She is said to have been joined by them during a recording session in Chelsea district of New York City on Monday, May 18.

Beside being speculated to enter studio with Justin and Jay-Z, Rihanna is also rumored to work with Kanye West and Aubrey Drake Graham a.k.a Drake for the follow up to her 2007 studio effort “Good Girl Gone Bad”. Up to date, her people offer no comment just yet concerning the rumor.

Though Rihanna’s new album hasn’t had any release date, words on the street are, it may be dropped sometime before the end of this year. And, Chicago acid house pioneer Adonis is believed to have been in charge for its production process.

Source – Aceshowbiz

Yes please, I love Rihanna, so I would absolutely like the idea of her & Justin collaborating again.

More pictures at the Lakers Game

Justin Timberlake was cheering enthusiastically last night at the Lakers Game along with his friend & producer Rob Knox. He was also spotted chatting with Densel Washington.

Click the image below to see more pictures:

Can I just say how freaking cool is that skull t-shirt Justin Timberlake is wearing?

Justin Timberlake: The Sports Narrator

Justin Timberlake will act as narrator for the newest ESPN Special, “Dream Season: 23 & 24″. A special looking at the best two players in the NBA, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

The special airs this Thursday, May 21st at 7pm ET on ESPN & is presented by Nike.

Justin spotted tonight…

… at the Staples Center in Los Angeles watching the Lakers vs the Denver Nuggets game.

Click the image below to see the pictures: