Caught in the act! – Feb 26

In the Big Apple, Justin Timberlake and three industry pals were the last diners at West Village eatery Il Mulino, leaving the restaurant after everyone else.

During their leisurely meal, the group ordered pasta and steak (for Timberlake), followed by coconut sorbet for dessert. Another sweet tidbit: Timberlake signed an autograph for a fellow patron’s daughter.

source: people

Aadesh Shrivastava to work with Justin Timberlake for anti terrorism album

Mumbai, Feb 26 (IANS) Post Mumbai attacks, Bollywood composer Aadesh Shrivastava is teaming up with some of the biggest names from the music world including Justin Timberlake and Rihanna for an anti-terrorism album. He says these talented people are coming together to sing about peace, though with a difference.

“I’ve already invited these singers and they will participate. I’ve recorded with that extraordinarily-talented violinist Kala Ramanathan and with Ustad Rashid Khan. Justin and Rihanna have also given their nod,” Aadesh told IANS.

“The time to sing bhajans and qawwallis evoking Allah and Ishwar to bring peace to earth is over. Such silent pleas won’t work any more,” he added.

Aadesh, who is all fired up with the blasts that happened on 26/11, says rather than attend rallies he decided to produce an anti-terrorism album.

“Mumbai has witnessed the worst ever massacre and I’m not interested in token gestures. That’s why I didn’t attend the peace rally at the Gateway Of India. All those thousands hopeful Mumbaikars who attended were in danger. Hardly any security was provided to them. What if there was an attack at the rally?”

Immediately after the attack Aadesh has started work on his global album against terrorism.

“I was actually working on another album based on the four seasons of the year. But I’ve put that aside for the anti-terrorism album. I’m very clear about one thing – it will have no references to the gods of any religion. We need to fight terrorism on our own,” he said.

Justin in NYC – Feb 23

Justin Timberlake was photographed in the Streets of New York on Monday February 23.

Click the image below to see the pictures:


The Y’s

Rob Knox posted on his myspace a picture of him posing with Justin Timberlake & James Fauntleroy.

The trio forms the production team known as the “Y’s”. They were the ones who produced Ciara’s single “Love Sex Magic”

Click the image below to see the full version of the picture:

This picture is from December when Justin helped Jessica with her charity auction for “Make the Difference Network”

Love Sex Magic remix by Russ Castella

Check out this sick remix of “Love Sex Magic” done by Russ Castella

Download here

Thanks *cici for letting me know

Justin Timberlake will appear on Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon on March 2

Jimmy Fallon reached into his Saturday Night Live pocket and pulled out a big trick: Music superstar Justin Timberlake will be a guest on Fallon’s very first Late Night show, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

Fallon, the former SNL star who’s taking the reigns of NBC’s talk show from Conan O’Brien beginning March 2, famously costarred with Timberlake in the classic SNL skit, “The Barry Gibbs Talk Show.”

Fallon previously announced another guest for his debut behind the desk: Robert DeNiro. “I thought it would be kind of good to have my first guy be probably one of the toughest people you could interview,” Fallon said during a Feb. 19 phone call with press.

PEOPLE has also confirmed that Fallon booked music act Clap Your Hands Say Yeah for his March 4 show, and Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford for March 6.

Timberlake’s rep could not be reached for comment.


Ciara talks about Love Sex Magic and Justin Timberlake

Ok, let’s go back to the hottest topic of the moment… “Love Sex Magic”

Ciara was interviewed by the DJ’s at Power 105.1 and she talked among other things about her just released collaboration with Justin Timberlake “Love Sex Magic”

In the fist part of the interview Cici went on to say that the energy in the video is crazy and that she believes it’s going to be her best one yet.

She also said that working with Justin was so much fun, she described him as being very humble and down to earth.

In the second part Ciara talks a little bit more about the song itself and comments about Justin’s comedic skills: “He’s a comedian. I think that all of us can agree-at least if you’ve been watching some of his stuff lately-that he’s really becoming more and more silly…His personality is amazing.” she added.

You can listen to all the parts the interview here.

Her album “Fanstasy Ride” is now scheduled to be released on May 19, and will include a second song with Justin Timberlake.

Jimmy Edgar to work on Justin’s next album

Yay! Finally some news on Justin’s new album!!

‘s new album may feature a contribution from Jimmy Edgar as the Detroit-based electronic music artist has said to be in studio to make music for Justin’s next effort.

“After my tour, I’m taking a trip to work on Justin Timberlakes new album for a few weeks” the musician revealed.

ps: I really like the idea of Justin experimenting with electronic music for his next album, it definitely would suit him I think. So, I youtubed some of Jimmy Edgar’s songs and his style is very unique and different, should be interesting to hear what these 2 can come out with.

What about you guys? What would you like to hear in Justin’s new CD?

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