New song: “Better not together”

This is so cool!! Who thought we would be listening to a new JT song on his birthday.

Today a song called “Better not together” surfased online cortesy of one of DJ neptunes mixtapes.

This track is a beautiful ballad in which we can appreciate Justin’s unique falsetto once again and is probably from the Justified era. Enjoy below:

Happy Birthday Justin Timberlake !!!

Justin Timberlake turn 28 today and we at want to wish him a great happy birthday, hoping that he celebrates the occasion with a huge party and specially in the company of the ones he loves.

We also hope that 2009 turns out to be an excellent year for him and that he accomplishes every single wish on his mind when he blows those candles today.

To commemorate his birthday we created this graphic which is sort of like a Justin message board.
Click the image below to see the bigger version.

Don’t forget to send your birthday wishes for Justin too :).

Justin golfing with George Lopez – Jan 30

Later on the day, Justin Timberlake went golfing with comedian actor George Lopez.

Click the image below to see the pictures:


Justin in Beverly Hills – Jan 30

Fresh from his Mexican vacations, Justin Timberlake was seen out & about yesteday morning in Beverly Hills after having breakfast at Morning Star & Global Cafe.

Justin kept it casual wearing a William Rast t-shirt and was also sporting his glasses again.

Click the image below to see the pictures:

Out and About in Beverly Hills

Video: Justin Out and About in Beverly Hills

Rumor: Justin Timberlake, Rob Pattinson, Zac Efron to Star In New Movie

Girls of every age will automatically love this movie. We don’t even need to tell you the storyline yet. Because the hook is that Justin Timberlake, Rob Pattinson, and Zac Efron are all in the movie. That’s one smart casting director.

Rumor has it the three heartthrobs will be cast members in the upcoming movie Ohio, which is based on the 1970 murders of anti-Vietnam War protesters at Kent State University.

A little dark, no? The only one of those three we could definitely see in the movie is Rob Pattinson, thanks to Twilight. And maybe that’s what the casting director thought too. Because word on the street is that Rob’s been asked to play the lead role. Justin and Zac, who are definitely the bigger stars in the grand scheme of things, would play second fiddle to Rob.

An insider reports to Star magazine, “Everyone in the industry is shocked that Rob is already getting such big roles. Zac and Justin have been working for a lot longer than he has. There is a bit of jealousy there. Zac’s people want him to have the lead. And Justin’s people have asked that he get a lot of screen time.”

So it’s not just the actresses who get into catfights! Rob may have been around the block as many times as Zac, and certainly JT, but he definitely is the best actor of the three. Sometimes it’s not about the name either! There’s something about having a lesser-known actor playing a lead role sometimes that makes the movie more exciting and less predictable. We’ll just have to wait and see if Rob takes the lead, and if JT and Zac can put their pride aside to take the smaller roles for the sake of making a god movie!

Preview from Justin’s interview with Katie Couric

Check out a preview of Justin Timberlake’s “All Access Grammy Special” interview with Katie Couric.
Justin talks about his chemistry with Timbaland, working with Madonna, and gets a little bit shy when asked about his now famous SNL skit with Beyonce.

The full thing airs next Wednesday Feb 4 on CBS at 9 pm E.T.

p.s: Is it me or he is kind of like in the music vibe again? Hope he gets inspired to do another record soon.

Justin Timberlake in “Ready to Rumble Revolution” for Wii

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Cartoony characters resembling Justin Timberlake and David Beckham will face off — along with 16 other A-list impersonators — in the upcoming Wii boxing game “Ready 2 Rumble Revolution” from publisher Atari and developer AKI.

Players can also don boxing gloves as a lanky Brad Pitt lookalike named Fight Clubber or a flabby John Travolta lookalike dubbed Fever Friction.

Other characters resemble such famous faces as James Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Gamers will also be able to create their own customizable boxers from scratch.

“Ready 2 Rumble Revolution” producer Todd Slepian insists the celebrity-inspired characters are meant as parodies, not clones.

The game will be released on March 17 for a price of $ 39.99, you can check the site here.

Just in case, JT is the one in the gray suit. I mean let’s be honest, that cartoon character doesn’t resemble him at all.

Justin Timberlake discusses his SNL jokes

NEW YORK (AP) — One visit to Beyonce’s dressing room was all it took for Justin Timberlake to ease her concerns about a “Saturday Night Live” skit featuring the two of them.

When Beyonce told him she was having second thoughts about a sketch where Timberlake was to “audition” for a video, he showed up at her dressing room in a robe covering a leotard. He dropped the robe and stood there, staring into space.

Beyonce’s reply: “I can’t look anywhere but your face right now,” Timberlake told CBS’ Katie Couric in an interview for next week’s pre-Grammy special.

Timberlake also said another, more infamous “SNL” skit where he offered a piece of his anatomy as a gift got a thumbs up from his mom. She thought it was funny.

“You gotta meet my mom,” he said. “She’s a pretty edgy chick!”

Auction to visit the set of the “Dead & Gone” video

Great, finally some news about the “Dead & Gone” music video!! will be conducting an auction where the highest bidder will have the chance to visit the set of T.I new music video, Dead & Gone which will feature Justin Timberlake as well.

The video will reportedly be filmed during GRAMMY week in Los Angeles on February 5th. The exact location will be given to the winner once the auction is closed. All proceeds will benefit the Urban Farming organization.

To learn more about the auction and to place your bids click here. Good luck everybody!!

source: Atlantic Records, thanks maxie for the notice.

Justin Timberlake at the beach in Mexico – Jan 25

They are making the most out of their vacations while in Mexico!!

Yesterday Justin, Jessica, and Rachael were seen sunbathing and enjoying the Mexican beaches with some friends, and we’ve got the pictures for you, I’m sure the girls will like’em.

Click the image below to see them:

Added HQ pictures, click here.

Looks like Justin will be well rested and full of energy for his upcoming events in February which include:

Performing at the Grammys on Feb 8

Participating on the AT&T golf championship (Feb 9 – Feb 15)

Presenting his William Rast collection at NY Fashion Week on Feb 16