Madonna opens about working with Justin Timberlake in new Vanity Fair


Madonna graces her 10th cover with Vanity Fair Magazine.

Inside the magazine the “4 minutes” singer discusses a variety of topics including the current situation with Britney Spears, writing and directing her first film, the music industry, her longevity in the business and the process of writing songs with Justin Timberlake and Pharrel for her forthcoming album Hard Candy.

Madonna made the record with Justin Timberlake, who co-wrote five of the songs and sings on four, Pharrell Williams, and the producer Timbaland. “I didn’t have any idea what kind of music I wanted to make,” Madonna tells Rich Cohen, the editor and interviewer behind her cover story.

“I just knew I wanted to collaborate with Pharrell and Justin. I needed to be inspired and thought, Well, who’s making records I like? So I went, ‘I like that guy and I like that guy.’ It’s not like we hit it off right away. Writing is very intimate. You have to be vulnerable and it’s hard to do that with strangers. I had ups and downs before everybody got comfortable, but I grew very fond of Pharrell and Justin.”

Cohen also adds that many of the songs are hybrids, traditional Madonna super-pop, workout tunes giving way to white hip-hop, Justin Timberlake showering cascades of rhyme.

I was listening to the music, and it’s a record I think Madonna fans will like, because it’s filled with songs you can imagine blasting from the room where they hold spinning class .

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Justin Timberlake shoots baseball scenes for The Open Road at Whataburger Field, Texas


Justin Timberlake hit a ground ball to first base, and the opposing team’s right fielder hung back and feigned catching a fly ball.
It was part of director Michael Meredith’s instructions as the Corpus Christi Hooks, the Round Rock Express and thousands of fans helped cap filming Sunday on the independent movie “The Open Road.” Fans were treated to more than an hour and a half of filming and a once-in-a-lifetime view of Timberlake at the plate.

On the sixth take, Timberlake got it right — finally hitting a fly ball to right field, surpassing even his own expectations.

“Don’t expect anything grand from me,” the “4 minutes” singer told the crowd before his at-bats. “This is not my stage.”

Timberlake’s girlfriend, actress Jessica Biel, stood near the dugout for some of the shoot but went back to the Hooks’ clubhouse after about half an hour, waving at fans as she walked by. Two bodyguards stood watch over Biel and Timberlake.

In “The Open Road,” Timberlake portrays fictional Hooks player Carlton Garrett. Sunday was the final day of shooting with the cast, though the crew will get a few more shots in Ohio without the stars.

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Check out below a video of Justin Timberlake thanking the public for their collaboration, and click the image above to see the rest of the pictures.

New 4 minutes video picture – April 4: Video on Itunes


Itunes store has posted a very small picture of the “4 minutes ” music video.
The video is now expected to be released this next Friday April 4.

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Click below for a bigger and better quality version of the picture


“FutureSex / LoveShow DVD certified 5x platinum in the USA

Justin Timberlake’s Concert DVD from his latest worldwide tour FutureSex LoveShow has been certified 5x platinum this month for surpassing the 500,000 copies sold in the United States.

The DVD was also certified 5x platinum in Canada this last January according to their database that was recently updated, and was just certified 2x platinum in Germany for 400,000 shipments.

In Australia the DVD has stayed 8 weeks at #1 moving more than 120,000 copies and has been certified 8x platinum.

Meanwhile his music effort “FutureSex LoveSounds “ continues to stay in the Billboard 200 charts at the 141 position with more than 4,079,657 [4x platinum] copies sold in the USA.

The album has sold around 8.5 million copies worldwide and has obtained the following certifications:

9x Platinum – Russia
6x Platinum – Ireland
5x Platinum – Australia, Canada
4x Platinum – United States
3x Platinum – United Kingdom, New Zealand
2x Platinum – Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany
3x Gold – Italy
Platinum – France
Gold – Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Austria, South Korea

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Lauer, Romo, Justin Timberlake :celebrity players in Golf Digest’s U.S. Open Contest


Our three celebrity players are all set. All we need now is a fourth. Your votes on will determine which of the five amateur finalists from 56,374 entrants will join Matt Lauer, Tony Romo and Justin Timberlake in the inaugural Golf Digest U.S. Open Challenge at Torrey Pines South Course in June. The event will be televised at 2 p.m. on June 15, in the hour leading into NBC Sports’ final-round coverage of the U.S. Open.

Romo played golf with Timberlake last year, and he says the Grammy Award-winning pop singer and film actor will do just fine at Torrey Pines, which can be stretched to play at 7,643 yards for the Open.

“Justin’s a solid player who consistently hits the ball pretty straight,” Romo says. “The difficult part for this test will be length. One thing Justin has going for him is he has a good short game, so he’ll be able to get up and down even when he misses a few shots.”

Timberlake, who’s about a 6-handicapper, will be co-starring with Mike Myers and Jessica Alba in “The Love Guru” in June.

“I played Torrey Pines from the blue tees and it was very long then,” says Timberlake. “I can’t imagine what it’ll play like from all the way back. I’ll definitely sneak down there a few times to practice.”

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Magazine scans – Justin Timberlake Hip Hop Lessons

You’ve seen it in his concerts and music shows, Justin Timberlake is one of the male artists with the best dance moves.

Spanish Magazine “Tu” published in its March issue a couple of tips for you to learn some JT steps. In the article they also talk about his past & present love relationships.

Click the picture below to see the scans:


Justin Timberlake Uber-Fan Pays Homage To Pop Prince With Art Exhibit


Nicholas Weist, a New York art curator and Justin Timberlake über-fan, was sipping margaritas with roommates one night while listening to his favorite pop singer, when he had an inspiration.

“We were listening to the [Timberlake] song ‘My Love,’ ” Weist recalled. “We were having such a great time listening to the music that I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be awesome if that level of excited-ness was funneled into the art world?’ So right then, I knew I had to curate a show about him.”

That show, “If I Told You You Were Beautiful Would You Date Me on the Regular?,” which was open for just one night at the Oliver Kamm 5BE Gallery in New York last weekend, is (according to Weist, anyway) the first-ever contemporary art exhibit solely devoted to work inspired by Justin Timberlake. The show included collage, sculpture, site-specific installation, photography, drawing, performance and video art. The variety of media in the show reflects Weist’s fascination with the evolution of Timberlake’s music and image, as well as the pop star’s own forays into other kinds of artistic expression, including film, fashion and television.

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Madonna on why she gave Justin Timberlake the famous B-12 shot in the butt

Madonna wasn’t burning up with desire to see Justin Timberlake‘s butt when she gave him a B-12 shot in the behind, as she admitted to doing earlier this month when she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“First of all, I’ve seen enough butt … The reason I gave him a B-12 [shot] is because we only had a certain amount of days in the studio and I didn’t want him to use that as a lame-ass excuse not to come to work. OK? It’s got nothing to do with butt. I promise you. Listen, I don’t need to give him a shot to see his butt. Duh,” she tells New York’s Z100-FM.

4 minutes Junkie XL remixes + Instrumental

Listen and dance to these cool club mixes for Justin Timberlake & Madonna current hit “4 minutes”, done by Junkie XL.

Also we have available 4 u an instrumental of “4 minutes” album version.

Enjoy!!! :

4 Minutes [Junkie XL Dirty Dub]

4 Minutes [Junkie XL Remix]

4 minutes [album version instrumental]

4 minutes stats + Video premiere date


“4 minutes” has become such a great smash hit everywhere.

The song has reached the #1 spot in almost every itunes store worldwide, and climbed to #2 on usa itunes and #1 in amazon in just 4 days of being released.

In Z100, one of the most important radio stations in NY, 4 minutes sat at #2 in yesterday’s Top 9 countdown.

There is a prediction that the single will make its debut on Billboard Hot 100 at # 68 (that doesn’t include itunes sales) and will have a great jump in the week after (probably to #15 or even higher) thanks to the great sells.

All that and we don’t even have a video out yet, the 4 minutes video is tentatively premiering on April 7, Much Music Canada is said to be playing it for the first time that day on their Much on Demand Show, between 5pm-6pm EST.

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