Madonna sings Happy Birthday to Justin Timberlake

Wow who better to sing you Happy Birthday than the Queen of Pop Music Madonna herself.

Justin Timberlake got one heck of a 27th birthday surprise on Thursday (January 31) when Madonna presented him with a cupcake and champagne on the set of her new video, Madge’s representative told MTV News.

The clip, for “4 Minutes to Save the World,” is currently being shot in London with directors Jonas & Francois (who helmed Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.”) (Maroon 5, James Blunt)and will feature JT as well as Timbaland. The track will appear on Madonna’s yet-untitled LP, due this year.

New Justin Timberlake Layout

To Celebrate Justin Timberlake birthday between the fans, we’ve just created a new site layout!

It features a picture from the newest pepsi advertisement he made. What do you think?

Happy Birthday Justin Timberlake


The team here at wants to wish Justin Timberlake a very Happy 27 Birthday.

It`s incredible how time goes by so quickly, he is soon going to be 30 hehe. 2007 was a great year for Justin, with a successfull album, sell-out tours, multiple awards, and a strong relationship.

So we hope that JT continues to achieve all the goals he has in mind in both his personal and artistic life.

And why not ?, throw a big party tonight! Happy 27!!!

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Justin Timberlake spotted

In London working on a collaboration with Madonna, Justin Timberlake slips out the back door of The Ivy after dining with girlfriend Jessica Biel , on Tuesday.

Pictures have been added to the gallery, click the image below to check them


Justin Timberlake Pepsi Stuff Pictures

Take a look at the 30 screencaps from Justin Timberlake`s Pepsi Stuff commercial that I`ve uploaded to the gallery by clicking the image below.


And watch a short video of Justin talking about the commercial

Download this video here

Justin Timberlake pepsi stuff commercial

Here it is Justin Timberlake`s Pepsi Stuff commercial.

His real-life New York restaurant, Southern hospitality, gets a cameo in it, as well as some of his friends and family members including: Trace Ayala, Andy Sanberg and his cousin Rachael.

Justin, who wears his own William Rast clothing line jeans, is hurled in the air, tossed under a car and gets his manhood repeatedly bashed into a parking meter during the advert (Auuch). And everytime a mysterious girl takes a sip of Pepsi the singer is involved into another dangerous situation.

Enjoy the commercial below, its funny as hell and very original, another big hit from Justin:

Download here

New Justin Timberlake pictures

Yesterday Justin Timberlake was spotted outside his hotel in London.

Click the image below to see the rest of the pictures.


Thanks madonnadownload

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel together in London



That`s why I didnt even bother posting those fake reports…

I think that now we can put the rumors of a possible break up between Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel to rest. These rumors came after Justin was “supposedly” spotted partying with a mysterious girl in Tenjune nightclub in NYC last week. However OK magazine reports that he wasn`t even there the night in question.

Anyways here we have very romantic pictures of Justin and Jessica in London, England this past Saturday, Jan 26. As you know JT is in town to film the “4 minutes to save the world” video with Madonna, he will also be spending his birthday there with Jessica who is currently shooting the movie “Easy virtue”.

So as you can clearly see they are not dunzo, don`t believe everything you read.

Justin Timberlake wins NRJ Award


Justin Timberlake won International Male Artist, 1 of the 3 awards he was nominated for at the NRJ Music Awards that were transmitted live tonight in Cannes France.
Also I would like to mention that Britney Spears won the award for the Best International Album for her LP Blackout.

Congrats Justin and Britney!!!

Behind the scenes video of Justin Timberlake Pepsi Stuff Commercial

Access Hollywood showed last night a short segment from the behind the scenes of Justin Timberlake`s much awaited Pepsi Stuff Commercial that will air at the Super Bowl on Sunday February 3.

In the clip Justin says that some of the stunts that he performs are very similar to the ones he did for his video “Cry me a river” and that he ended up with some unpleasant surprises after the shooting.

The commercial will have JT dragged and pulled by a mysterious force that turns out to be a girl drinking Pepsi.

Check out the video below and don`t forget to tune in for the Super Bowl on Feb 3 to see this action packed commercial.

Download this video here