Justin Timberlake leaves Arco Arena crowd Lovestoned


JUSTIN Timberlake confirmed his status as the world’s biggest male pop star with a masterful concert, which fused old-school entertainment with a state-of-the-art extravaganza last night.

Timberlake’s opening Futuresex/Love Sounds concert at the Acer Arena last had everything.

He sang like the pop stars of old Michael Jackson and Prince.

He danced like the hoofers of Hollywood’s hottest golden era, recalling Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire.

And he proved his musicianship with turns on the guitar, piano and 80′s throw-back keytar.

Timberlake gave a nod to the ratpack, dressed for success in a snazzy suit and vest.

There was no doubt that the Arena’s record-breaking crowd of more than 19,400 people loved every minute of it.

Their screams were off the decibel metre and the majority of them – almost hysterical young women – were keen to answer his every “now you sing it” queue?

Visually the concert was a feat of modern engineering wizardry – sheer curtain screens projected his image and graphics; hydraulics constantly reconfigured the band’s position and lasers and lights competed with a barrage of camera flashes.

The set list covered both his solo records, delivering every hit including My Love, Rock Your Body, Love Stones, and Cry me a river.

But for all the dazzling, colour and movement and genuinely soulful singing and playing, all the polish – necessarily for a massive arena show – left no room for those precious moments of spontaneity you desire from the live experience.

There’s no doubt that Timberlake has brought Sexy Back but it would have been nice to get a cuddle at the end.

He performs again tonight and on November 13.

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Justin Timberlake´s upcoming plans


Bury the rag deep in your face: The FutureSex/LoveSounds era is about to come to a close. At the end of November, after eighteen months of sold-out gigs, Justin Timberlake is taking a break. “It’s like, I’m over myself,” he tells the Smoking Section. “I’m sure a lot of other people are too.”

JT is looking forward to puffing on the sweet Mary Jane and hitting the slopes. In ‘08, he plans to work as the hands-on CEO of his fledgling label, Tennman Records. “After I get all the hotboxing and snowboarding out of the way,” he says, “I’ve got four artists to be in the studio with.”

That would be Internet sensation Esmee Denters, a rap group from Memphis called Free Sol, R&B singer Brenda Radney and his old pal, songwriter Matt Morris. Says JT, “Until I get that urge to make my own record, this is what’s exciting to me.”

Rolling Stones

2008 Justin Timberlake calendar for UK


The 2008 Justin Timberlake calendar is now available for UK fans to purchase at Danilo.com

Format: 420 MM x 297 MM

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Justin Timberlake to be featured in new Lil Wayne album

Lil Wayne fans will be getting two versions of The Carter III in the coming weeks.

According to MTV, Lil Wayne revealed he will release The Carter III:The Leak on December 18th and it will feature songs from the official The Carter III that leaked during the year. The official The Carter III will hit stores on February 12.

The Carter III: The Leak will include what Wayne called ‘bionic’ versions of songs like “Prostitute Flange” and “I Feel Like Dying”, which both generated a great buzz for The New Orleans bred rapper.

The official Carter III will include collaborations with Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Kanye West.

Justin Timberlake donates $ 100,000 to Irwin family´s zoo


US pop star Justin Timberlake has kicked off the Australian leg of his world tour with a $100,000 donation to the Irwin family’s Australia Zoo.

The multi-award winning artist stopped his first show in Brisbane to make a serious point about animal conservation.

Saying he’s been impressed by Australia’s love of its animals, Timberlake took 50 cents from every ticket sold on the Australian tour, donating the sizeable sum to Wildlife Warriors.

Timberlake will perform again in Brisbane tomorrow before heading to Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth.

Justin Timberlake Brisbane Concert Pictures


Justin Timberlake kicked off his first Australian concert of his Future Sex Love Show at Brisbane Entertainment Center on October 27 and the first pictures have arrived. They´re amazing and I´m sure the Aussies had a great time with this great show.

During the concert Justin made a very special contribution to the Australian wildlife by donating $100,000 to Steve Irvin´s family zoo. He told the crowd that the last time he took a trip to Queensland wildlife park he was really impressed with Australia´s love for animals.

“And when I came here last time, it really hit me … I said to myself: “What can I do?’

“So what I did was 50 cents from every ticket sold on the Australian tour goes to Wildlife Warriors.” Justin told the audience.

He then invited the crowd to join him in a tequilla toast with his band member and to toast “crazy sun-kissed beautiful Australian women”.

Dressed in a suit, vest and tie, he complained of the Brisbane heat and suggested he would be more comfortable naked.

“But you have to have to pay more for that.” He joked.


If you went to Justin´s Brisbane show and would like to send some pictures, you can email me at timberlake_justinfans@hotmail.com and I´ll post them in the gallery. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated and you will get credit for them.

Click the picture above to enjoy the 45+ images.

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Justin Timberlake and Jessica driving around L.A


A couple of days ago Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were photographed driving around L.A with their dog.

Seems like they weren´t in the best mood for pictures as they didn´t look happy like in their lovely sunday stroll in Brentwood.

Check the rest of the candids by clicking the picture above.

FutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe Edition Cover


Here is the cover for the deluxe edition of FutureSex / LoveSounds that goes on sale on November 27th.

Click the picture above to see it bigger

You can pre-order your copy at Amazon.com